SWTOR Item Database – Extract Prototype Item Information from GOM

Last time I’ve written a script to extract the translation texts from SWTOR. But the more interesting part would be to read specific game object information like items and their attributes.

So i’ve written a new program, this time in C#. It’s my very first C# program, be gentle 😉 I thought it would be a nice task to play and learn with C#.

The MySQL part is for my personal translation database.

Download the C# source of swtor gom extract tool v0.1 alpha.

Example output of the program:

type: String: "armor.trooper"
sub type: String: "ipp.class.bh.heroic.rdps1.t4x2.chest"
bind on pickup
durability: 120
id: 16140952217605448722
title: Xonolite Mesh Chestguard
slot #0: Id: 16141113719776797593
  - title: Reflex Armoring 12
  - stats: STAT_att_agility: 15
  - stats: STAT_att_endurance: 10
slot #1: Id: 16141146200986683659
  - title: Reflex Mod 12
  - stats: STAT_att_agility: 20
  - stats: STAT_att_endurance: 10
slot #2: Id: 16141028933557874887
  - title: Rage Enhancement 12
  - stats: STAT_att_endurance: 10
  - stats: STAT_rtg_attack_power: 15
slot #3: empty
slot #4: empty

type: String: "armor.trooper"
sub type: String: "ipp.companion.pierce.default.legs"
bind on pickup
durability: 120
stats: STAT_att_agility: 25
stats: STAT_att_endurance: 42
stats: STAT_rtg_accuracy: 3
stats: STAT_rtg_defense: 13
id: 16140958271266809222
title: Pierce's Pants
slot #0: empty
slot #1: empty
slot #2: empty
slot #3: empty
slot #4: empty

type: String: "weapon.ranged.blaster.holdout01"
sub type: String: "blaster.high06.a03_v01"
bind on pickup
durability: 200
id: 16140961445110358222
title: D-203 Recon Interceptor
slot #0: Id: 16140922506011855339
  - title: Blue Lethal Crystal
  - stats: STAT_rtg_critical_chance: 27
slot #1: Id: 16141135957775441233
  - title: Commando Barrel 22
  - stats: STAT_att_agility: 34
  - stats: STAT_att_endurance: 36
slot #2: Id: 16141046178047402709
  - title: Nimble Mod 22
  - stats: STAT_att_agility: 41
  - stats: STAT_att_endurance: 24
  - stats: STAT_rtg_critical_chance: 7
slot #3: Id: 16141019615760744772
  - title: Assault Enhancement 22
  - stats: STAT_att_endurance: 22
  - stats: STAT_rtg_critical_chance: 10
  - stats: STAT_rtg_critical_damage: 28
slot #4: empty

DFSLF – SWTOR Translations

I’ve written a ruby script to extract the english and german translations of almost every description of items, missions, codex entries, etc. in SWTOR.

Using easymyp and my DFSLF – Decoder for SWTOR language files ;), you’re able to parse different language files and write the parsed translations into a text file. Use easymyp to extract the global translation archive, e.g. swtor_en-us_global_1.tor.

Example output:

= 11000000:
 - 00220a00_de: [Zielgenauigkeit +2]
 - 00220a00_en: [ Aim +2 ]
 - 00890100_de: Haze wollte ihn erschießen. Aber Haze will jeden erschießen. Doch dann griffen die Sandleute an und haben sich für uns um Nerrik gekümmert.
 - 00890100_en: Haze wanted to shoot him. But Haze wants to shoot everyone. But then the Sand People attacked and took care of Nerrik for us.
 - 00930400_de: [Dieses Terminal enthält einen Teil der Bombenpläne.]
 - 00930400_en: [The terminal contains part of the bomb plans.]

Download DFSLF – Decoder for SWTOR language files v0.3

Why ruby? You’re right, it’s not the perfect programming language for this task. As a ruby developer I started playing around with some SWTOR files, and so it happened.

Clementine – Amarok for Windows and Mac OS

My favorite mp3 player is Amarok for KDE driven systems. It comes with intelligent playlists offering an almost always appropriate mix from your music collection. The neat user interface is well-arranged and informative. It’s only a click away to retrieve the album covers of all your albums from the internet, read the song lyrics while listening, find similiar artists, watch photos of artists or read their biography.

But Amarok has one big downside: on Windows and Mac OS it also depends on the KDE lib and therefore it is not integrated seamlessly. So I was very happy when I stumbled upon Clementine (Project Page), a media player based on Amarok 1.4, available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. It runs without the KDE libs but uses the more lightweight Qt framework for its graphical interface.


Keywords: amarok, mp3 player, media player, lyrics, retrieve covers, find covers, linux, windows, mac

Feel Free

Duokan – the alternative Kindle OS – in english

Update 2012/02/10: Duokan has an official english site available under http://en.duokan.com/ by now. The current versions of Duokan only support Kindle 3 and 4 (and maybe Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire?).

This blog article deals with the older Duokan releases.

EPUB, CHM, DOC and djvu documents on your Kindle? It’s possible! The alternative OS for Kindle, Duokan, is now available with an english GUI supporting these document types. Duokan works with Kindle 2, 3 and DX and it will install besides the original OS, so you’re able to switch easily between it and the original Kindle OS.

Kindle3 Duokan Home

You may download version (2011/05/20) with preconfigured english language from my site or always the current version through the regarding chinese forum post at the Duokan website where you also could find the chinese installation instructions. For english installation and upgrade instructions see below. I don’t understand chinese so I’ve used the instructions translated by google. Also check this english thread at their forum.

Kindle3 Duokan displaying an EPUB

Kindle3 Duokan displaying a PDF normally

Kindle3 Duokan displaying a PDF with Smart Layout

With Duokan you’re not just able to read EPUBs. Another convenient feature is that Duokan is able to change the font size or crop the white border for PDFs. To crop the white border, open the PDF, press „Aa“ and select „Screen Zoom A“. To change the font size, open the PDF, press „Aa“ and select „Smart Layout“. After this you may press „Aa“ again and adjust the font size. While the crop feature leaves the original PDF design untouched, the smart layout feature tries to adjust the PDF, so the results may be dissatisfying. You should bear in mind that the current version is a beta version.

When I was playing with the WLAN feature which is not working for my WPA2 secured WLAN yet, Duokan had frozen up. Don’t panic if this happens to you. You’re able to reset your Kindle by pushing the power switch for 15 seconds.

For more discussion about Duokan check their forum or also this thread concerning Duokan at mobileread.com.

Installation instructions:

  1. Get  Duokan with preconfigured english language
  2. Connect your Kindle to your computer via USB
  3. Open the Duokan archive and copy the folders DK_System, DK_Documents and DK_Pictures to your Kindle root directory.
  4. Also copy all the .bin files from the corresponding subfolder in 升级包 (e.g. k3升级包 subfolder for Kindle 3) in the archive to the Kindle root.
  5. Disconnect USB
  6. Make sure that your Kindle is charged (at least 50%)
  7. On your Kindle, press „Home“, then „Menu“, then select „Settings“ and then press „Menu“ again. Choose „Update Your Kindle“
  8. Kindle restarts and after restarting be quick and press Q for Duokan (W is for the original Kindle OS). If you’re not fast enough, go to Home, then Menu, then select „Settings“ and then press Menu again. Choose „Restart“ and be quicker pressing Q next time. In some cases you will get back to the original Kindle OS after updating. If this happens to you, choose „Restart“ in the settings menu.
  9. That’s it! In the settings you now might want to add your ebooks of your original installation to Duokan. To do this, simply go to „Home“ in Duokan, press „Menu“, select „Settings“, find „Other->Use Kindle Lists“ and select „Yes“. Additionally you may copy some ebooks to your DK_Documents folder to use them only in Duokan.

Upgrade instructions:

  1. Switch your Kindle to the original Kindle OS if it has been switched to Duokan before. To do this in Duokan, press Menu, select „Settings“ and then select „Switch to Kindle“.
  2. Then follow the installation instructions above, with a minor difference: there’s no need to copy the empty DK_Documents and DK_Pictures folders again. You could also delete the old DK_System folder first, maybe some files are not needed any longer. And again, don’t forget the bin files.

To uninstall, start Duokan, open the settings and select „Uninstall System“.

Archive of Duokan releases

Keywords: Kindle, Duokan, alternative OS, alternative firmware, alternative, alternate, english, translation, epub, resize pdf font, better pdf support