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Duokan – the alternative Kindle OS – in english

Update 2012/02/10: Duokan has an official english site available under http://en.duokan.com/ by now. The current versions of Duokan only support Kindle 3 and 4 (and maybe Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire?).

This blog article deals with the older Duokan releases.

EPUB, CHM, DOC and djvu documents on your Kindle? It’s possible! The alternative OS for Kindle, Duokan, is now available with an english GUI supporting these document types. Duokan works with Kindle 2, 3 and DX and it will install besides the original OS, so you’re able to switch easily between it and the original Kindle OS.

Kindle3 Duokan Home

You may download version (2011/05/20) with preconfigured english language from my site or always the current version through the regarding chinese forum post at the Duokan website where you also could find the chinese installation instructions. For english installation and upgrade instructions see below. I don’t understand chinese so I’ve used the instructions translated by google. Also check this english thread at their forum.

Kindle3 Duokan displaying an EPUB

Kindle3 Duokan displaying a PDF normally

Kindle3 Duokan displaying a PDF with Smart Layout

With Duokan you’re not just able to read EPUBs. Another convenient feature is that Duokan is able to change the font size or crop the white border for PDFs. To crop the white border, open the PDF, press „Aa“ and select „Screen Zoom A“. To change the font size, open the PDF, press „Aa“ and select „Smart Layout“. After this you may press „Aa“ again and adjust the font size. While the crop feature leaves the original PDF design untouched, the smart layout feature tries to adjust the PDF, so the results may be dissatisfying. You should bear in mind that the current version is a beta version.

When I was playing with the WLAN feature which is not working for my WPA2 secured WLAN yet, Duokan had frozen up. Don’t panic if this happens to you. You’re able to reset your Kindle by pushing the power switch for 15 seconds.

For more discussion about Duokan check their forum or also this thread concerning Duokan at mobileread.com.

Installation instructions:

  1. Get  Duokan with preconfigured english language
  2. Connect your Kindle to your computer via USB
  3. Open the Duokan archive and copy the folders DK_System, DK_Documents and DK_Pictures to your Kindle root directory.
  4. Also copy all the .bin files from the corresponding subfolder in 升级包 (e.g. k3升级包 subfolder for Kindle 3) in the archive to the Kindle root.
  5. Disconnect USB
  6. Make sure that your Kindle is charged (at least 50%)
  7. On your Kindle, press „Home“, then „Menu“, then select „Settings“ and then press „Menu“ again. Choose „Update Your Kindle“
  8. Kindle restarts and after restarting be quick and press Q for Duokan (W is for the original Kindle OS). If you’re not fast enough, go to Home, then Menu, then select „Settings“ and then press Menu again. Choose „Restart“ and be quicker pressing Q next time. In some cases you will get back to the original Kindle OS after updating. If this happens to you, choose „Restart“ in the settings menu.
  9. That’s it! In the settings you now might want to add your ebooks of your original installation to Duokan. To do this, simply go to „Home“ in Duokan, press „Menu“, select „Settings“, find „Other->Use Kindle Lists“ and select „Yes“. Additionally you may copy some ebooks to your DK_Documents folder to use them only in Duokan.

Upgrade instructions:

  1. Switch your Kindle to the original Kindle OS if it has been switched to Duokan before. To do this in Duokan, press Menu, select „Settings“ and then select „Switch to Kindle“.
  2. Then follow the installation instructions above, with a minor difference: there’s no need to copy the empty DK_Documents and DK_Pictures folders again. You could also delete the old DK_System folder first, maybe some files are not needed any longer. And again, don’t forget the bin files.

To uninstall, start Duokan, open the settings and select „Uninstall System“.

Archive of Duokan releases

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355 Responses to “Duokan – the alternative Kindle OS – in english”

  1. Correction for language setting:

    Select #0 for settings (a little wrench symbol)
    go to page 3, select 3, then select 2 for English. (you have 5 choices, which are:
    0. Simplified Chinese
    1. Traditional Chinese
    2. English
    3. Japanese
    4. Korean

    Sorry for the mistake.

  2. thanks, I’ve corrected it.

  3. Are special characters (for example the german „ö, ä, ü, ß“) working?

  4. Good work flip, I’m now enjoying Duokan on my K3…

  5. @Lion: The german umlauts are not working yet. There is an english discussion at the duokan forum concerning this issue: http://duokan.com/forum/thread-4742-1-3.html

  6. I have one slight problem with you instructions above – the option „Update Your Kindle“ is grayed out (i.e. inactive) on my Kindle 2.
    Any idea why’s that?
    Btw. I’m based in Slovakia, if that matters.
    Thanks in advance!

  7. @Brano: Did you copy the .bin-files to the root directory of your Kindle? If not, Kindle won’t find an update, thus the option will be grayed out.

  8. @Brano: Make sure it is the file inside the bin folder and not the folder that you copied to Kindle root. Also, if you have any but the most recent jailbreak installed, you will have to remove it.

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  12. That’s a problem here, shows the error U007 crashes and loaded as usual.
    B009 and the software version is 2.5.5 (495460008)

  13. @s_oleg: check if your problem persists with the new version

  14. Hi,
    Duokan is not good for spanish alphabet: á, é, í, etc. seem no good in space word and font type.
    Any solution?

  15. @Fernando: same for german umlauts. They also don’t work with a german font. I’ve reported this bug.. Let’s see what happens. They release a new version of Duokan every saturday.

  16. Thanks, my problem is that my kindle 3 is a gift from a friend in other country. I can´t make collections, due to I can´t to register my kindle in Amazon…
    Duokan solve the collections y more, but books in spanish are unreable. I waiting for the news version.

  17. Hello Flip,

    I carefully followed your instructions to instal Duokan in my Kindle DX Graphite and it installed without problems.
    What I can’t do is to switch the menu into English!
    I go to menu 0 (Wrench), go to page 3 and I find a five items menu labeled A to E.
    If I push D, it takes me to a 22 page long document with some Chinese caracters on the first row and then a paragraph with the first words as: „intelfan wywwfj cainiao_1 yoursguang intelfan“ which I understand the same as with first row in Chinese that is, nothing!
    If I choose option E, it takes me to another document with 12 pages which is all in Chinese and the words USB, kindle, DK_Documents, AA and SYM in between.
    So up to now it has been impossible for me to set the language into English.
    Option A displays the version of Duokan (0. 5. 13. 6889 Beta 1113) and cannot be selected
    Option B Displays only Chinese characters and blinks a legend which quickly disappears also in Chinese
    Option C Displays what I Think is the network version (1.4/3.3G) and also cannot be selected
    I think I installed Duokan correctly since I copied a couple of DJVU documents in English and I can read them both.
    For installation I used the DXG version of the bin file, I didn’t tried with the DX bin file
    Finally I tried the version posted in top of this article and also the version available at the Duokan web page with identical results.
    Any advice will be greatly apreciated.

    Regards from Mexico,


  18. Hello again!

    I found it! Pushing thru several buttons I figure out:
    Select option 0 on the menu (Wrench)
    Go to PAGE 2 (Not 3)
    Select Option G (D )
    Select option 2 English

    Thats it!

    Since the DX has a larger screen, the menus are laid out differently than their 2 and 3 cousins.
    Thanks a lot for such a great work!


  19. @jvcastel: thank you for sharing this information concerning DX. I’ve added it to the installation instructions.

  20. the Duokan_0_5_13_7107__2010_11_20.rar has no DK_Pictures and DK_Documents folder.

    I can’t find 升级包 folder for Kindle DXG) in the archive

    please assist me in how to install duokan in DXG.

    Thank you in advance

  21. @berty: but these folders are in that file actually

  22. Thanks flip.

    I found the files after setting the locale setting of Windows 7 back to English (I had left it in Japanese for a project).

  23. I have the same problem as Brano’s. Copied the bin files into Kindle root but Update Your Kindle is grayed out.

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  25. Sorry, it works. My mistake — I had copied the wrong .bin file (I have DXG). Thanks for all these instructions flip.

  26. […] tabella a pg. 6. Non ci si deve quindi poi meravigliare della nascita di progetti come doukan (http://flip.netzbeben.de/2010/11/duokan-available-with-english-gui-today/) che tentano di rimuovere queste limitazioni, tipo l’impossibilita’ di leggere gli […]

  27. Why the special characters (ex. á, é) not working correctly? I have the latest version (12.05), but they still dod not correct the bug. Very annoying…

  28. Hi dear Flip
    I’m very happy that I found about Duokan in your website. Thanks for the great job. But I still cannot find a way to disable the screensaver in Duokan. All it offers is a user-selected set of pictures. Please teach me what to do.

  29. Flip, thank you for your page. It help me and, I hope, many-many people. All functions work (only I can’t create the folder for mp3. My Kindle 3G WIFI don’t see mp3 files in the folder My_Music). Victor Ph.

  30. I had a heck of a time getting it installed on my K3.  It turns out I had to update my original jailbreak and then install Duokan.  Finally got it up and giving it a spin. thanks for the tip.

  31. Hi. I habe problem with it. Could you please help me?
    I do everything according the instruction, get the „normal“ message „Update was not succseful“ after about 5 seconds, then the system quickly restarts and i see everything like it was before. I have Kindle DXG.
    Please tell me, what can i do.

  32. @Vadim: did you copy the bin-files in the kindle root? Or maybe you’re using a jailbreaked Kindle?

  33. I have copied bin files into the root directory, otherwise the option Update Your Kindle would not be available.
    I have also tryed to install Jailbreak to my Kindle (before Duokan) to see russian letters, but it was not successfull too.

  34. I have just restored to Factory Setting.
    Jailbreak steps should have been deleted. But the problem with installing of Doukan is exactly same.

  35. Vadim! I have Kindle 3G WIFI. Duokan is installed correctly. Only clock works badly, and Russian fonts in file names and russian texts I see with big intervals. In other forum I see that Kindle DXG after Duokan installation give error message. But it installed. Try, please, the following: 1) install Duokan; 2) do not try at first restart to press 1 („Q“ in Kindle 3); 3) restart Kindle… and at about 70 sec You may be see invitation to press 1 („Q“ in Kindle 3). Good luck to You!

  36. Victor Ph
    Hey thanks, i will try.
    Should i delete Jailbreak at first? Will i lose all hacks that i have doing that? Or should i restore to faktory settings again?

  37. Hello
    First of all thanks for the great information on this site.
    I have a kindle 3 and installed the latest version released Dec 18 2010.It installed with no problems except I’m unable to change language settings from Chinese to English.
    I followed the instructions „then press J (Settings), go to the third page, select C (Language), select C (English)“….. and nothing changes even after a reboot.
    I tried going into all 4 pages and messed around with what I thought might be the right settings and was unsuccessful it still Chinese.
    As a note when I installed the Dec 12 2010 version it worked.
    I must be doing something wrong or this release is only in Chinese ?
    Another odd thing is it normal when viewing PDF files with „reflow“ on the pictures are missing ?
    I’d really like to get my Kindle3 working with the Duokan OS because from what I’ve seen Amazon has a lot to learn.
    Thank you

  38. I was looking this picture for 4 hours. Please post it in your topic on the top.

  39. Vadim! I repeat: i have Kindle 3G WIFI. Go, please, to http://www.mobileread.com/forums/showthread.php?t=105316&page=22 and page 23. There is info for Kindle DXG.
    On Kindle 3G WIFI I have (1) Jeilbreak, (2) fonts et savers, (3) rusification, (4) fbKindle and (5) Duokan – version of 20101218. All works (all of them have some limits. That is cause of Three-in-One configuration).

  40. Ok some progress
    On the Kindle 3 wifi with the new release Dec 18 beta 1218.
    To change the language to English.
    hit MENU
    select J (SETTINGS)
    Go to PAGE 3
    SELECT „E“ (Language)
    then for English select „C“
    No need to reboot :))

  41. Tried to apply english language on my Kindle 2 DX international…none of the above instructions helped. Language settings were on page 2 under leter I :)

  42. I dunno what u guys are talking about but for DXG language can be changed by going to the page 2 and choosing menu I. I just had to go though all the options cause none worked from original description.

  43. Thanks for the tutorial, Flip!
    A note: update the step for selecting english language, for in the last update is on page 3, step „E“ (not „D“) – maybe it can make someone’s life easier 😉

    PS: I don’t understand WHY they put „English“ in Chinese chars under Language selection… why am I supposed to be able to read Chinese if I want to go English? :)

  44. Victor Ph
    Thanks, i got it all to my Kindle DXG too. thanks.

    I just ask everybody to pay attention to the picture (link in my previous post), because there you can see picture how to switch Duokan to english.
    I spent a lot of time searching for it and i would like to share this information.

  45. The menu keys change in the different Duokan versions. Thanks to everybody who has reported the correct keys for the current version! I’ve just updated the article and I’ve also added a note about the changing keys in the instructions.

  46. No more language setting worries! Now you can download Duokan with preconfigured english language. In the article you’ll find updated download links and installation instructions.

  47. Did anyone find a way to disable the screensaver (i.e. sleep mode)?

  48. Hi!
    Is it possible to change standart fonts?
    I want to have cyrilic fonts.

  49. Okay, so here’s my problem.

    I have a DXG, no jailbrake or other foreign files (except for MP3s, PDFs, and whatever Calibre puts on the Kindle), and when I try to load Duokan the OS attempts to load 4 times, gets about half way each time, then gives up and reboots back into Kindle mode.

    I have placed all the filed in the root file. I found the one bin update file under DXG, put it in the root file, and was able to update. I got the screen that said update was unsuccessful, which is what I’ve read I am suppose to get. But still Duokan does not boot up.

    I even tried finding an earlier version of Duokan (no english) and installed it the same way. It DID work. I got into that OS fine, but there was no English. And when I tried updating it with the files from here, I ran into the original problems.

    To me it seems like the files are corrupt or incomplete, but I re-downloaded several times and reinstalled multiple times providing the same results. This is the first time I’ve tried working with my Kindle in this way, so there may be a basic step I’m missing.

    Can anyone help me? Thanks.

  50. i’ve just send to you an email, i couldn’t test for DXG, maybe the language config is wrong.

  51. Awesome. Got it working with Flip’s help. To get it to work, I edited DK_System/DK_Update/dxg/DK_System/config.ini in TextEdit. I changed „language=1“ to „language=2“. Then I reinstalled and it booted up fine.


  52. in duokan can i use korea Language ?

  53. I have the same issue as RY and I tried the fix but I cannot get Doukan to boot on my new Kindle 3 (Wifi Version). I get the boot screen, press Q and it has some progress bars to go across the screen, then it just reboots again and goes to the Duokan menu again – I can get into the regular Kindle without an issue – Ive tries installing few times and no luck…

    Any ideas?

  54. Sorry, Turns out it must have been a corrupt download – after trying a few more times, I re-downloaded the files and it works on my Kindle 3 now.

    Thanks for the files!

  55. On DXG..I only get Chinese!
    The english version does NOT work!

  56. Hi,

    I might be doing something terribly wrong, but I couldn’t get English to work in my DXG. Install went fine first time, no worries there.
    Thanks for the good work!

  57. Hi , I am trying to install „Duokan_0_5_13_7713__2010_12_25_english/“ it to my Kindle 3 with no luck…

    1. I copied DK_Documents, DK_System, DK_Documents in to Kindle root directory and also update_duokan_0b00a.bin I pressed “Update Your Kindle” than Kindle start updating his own stuff, after restarts I didnt see any boot screen.

    I tried to dont press “Update Your Kindle” but instead press „Restart“ than I start getting error saying that update was Unsuccessful pres „R“ after i pressed red my kindle boot in to boot screen and I pressed „Q“ and than I saw this screen :


    screen start flickering, after few flickering kindle restart again in to the KINDLE OS..

    Is anyone know how to fix it? or maybe can give a link to the older version of doukan


  58. If the preconfigured english version doesn’t work for you, try to install the chinese version (check the Duokan archive at http://www.netzbeben.de/dl/duokan/ ). If the chinese version works for you, edit DK_System/DK_Update/dxg/DK_System/config.ini and change language=1 (chinese) to language=2 (should be english for DX/G) or language=3 (should be english for K2/K3). After that, reinstall. If this happens to you, please post the correct language mode for your system. I test every release with my K3, so this should always work.

  59. Well I updated diokan with the file from above..and it has the correct DXG and language = 2 is set in the config. But still installed duokan showed chinese.
    Very strange….but managed to switch it into english via the chinese menu again.
    I would suggest to Duokan persons to have when you boot the first time in Duokan that you can choose the language to be used.
    And english then as english and not as some chinese word for english.
    But I will monitor the development and hopefully soon tey have the font fixed.

  60. Ok, I managed to change my DXG to english as well, if it helps, it was on page 2 of the menu, letter L (below date and time)

  61. Hey Flip,

    Does the Kindle read DRM-protected epubs that I buy in a European e-bookstore?

    Thanks in advance!


  62. Hi,

    Thanks for the great posting about downloading and installing duokan. Its saved me £90 as I was going to return my kindle and get a sony prs 650 so I could properly view PDF’s.

    My only quibble is that the title is always displayed in the header when reading epub / mobi books. I’ve looked through the settings to try to disable this, but to no avail. Is there a tweak to get around this? Seems a real waste of screen space when you only have a 6 inch screen.



  63. Does anybody know if the problem with the special characters for spanish, portuguese, german and others are solved? – ä á à ç ã …

    The latest problem i found was the ç and ã didnt exist at all and were not rendered and the remainig were rendered in a completely different font and size than the remaining text.

    I tried to send this issues to the developers, but my chinese is a little bit… unexistent :)

  64. For those who are having issues getting this to run — make sure that your DK_System folder is about 160MB in size. I had the same issue where the Kindle software kept popping up and then I re-ran the .rar expansion in a different tool – that folder size changed drastically.

    You should see a menu pop up at some point, with three options. If the DK_System folder is corrupt, you’ll never get this menu.

  65. @Bart, some DRM-protected epubs are displayed, others not. But you’re able to remove the DRM-protection with a python script (use google).

  66. Thanks Flip. I know DRM can be removed but I think it’s a pain in the ass for people that don’t know that much about computers. I’m just gonna test it, thanks for your answer!

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  69. I have installed Duokan from this site on my Kindle DX firmware v2.5.7 and found the following things:
    1. Before installation you should uninstall jailbreak.
    2. The preconfigured language is NOT English. The switcher to english language is situated on the 2nd page of settings. On this page you should press an „i“ button then press joystick button then choose last line from list. To invoke „settings“ you can press Alt+Sym keys on keyboard.

  70. […] people out there that are like, “That’s what I want!” So here is the link, Right Here. I loaded it to see what it is about, I’n sure you can too if interested. Easy to uninstall, […]

  71. I am still waiting for the version that fix the bug about the spanish font for á, é, í, ó, ú… ñ

    Please, Can you report it to me by e-mail when that version was release?


  72. […] Can see it’s setup screen on Duokan OS in Kindle 3.  Now, I can trim & adjust PDF space.  More about this, check out flip’s site. […]

  73. For cyrillic text – it splits the words at the end of the line and transfer some letters to the next line. This is very undesired result and makes reading almost impossible. Is there a fix for this in the options?

  74. […] I just found a so much better fix for the PDF reader on Kindle, that is the Duokan OS. Here is a guide of how to install it on your Kindle: Duokan – the alternative Kindle OS – in english […]

  75. Hi, is there any way of making the original Oxford dictionary (preloaded on K3) work with duokan?

  76. To use english in the kindle dxg, you can chose in the preference menu:
    page 2, i and select de number 2 (i use this firmware:Duokan_0_5_13_7800__2010_12_31.rar)

    It work for me 😉
    Pour mettre votre kindle dxg en anglais, il suffit d’aller dans preference, page 2, i une petite fenêtre s’affiche à ce moment là prendre le choix 2.
    (j’utilise le firmware multilangue)



  77. Does somebody know how/where to send bugs to the developers?

    I find myself rebooting my kindle to read pdfs on duokan and rebooting again to read normal books on kindle due to the problem with Portuguese/Spanish fonts on duokan (ç, ã, á, etc)… This is becoming quite annoying and probably isn’t very difficult to solve for the developers!

  78. I tried to install on my new K3 but the update had no effect. After restarting it is just the same Amazon OS. Perhaps a new version of the OS is preventing the installation?

  79. Well, I did get it to work. I took a guess that it might be the permissions of the files in the archive which I noticed were not executable. So after I extracted the .rar file I did the following command in the terminal (on Mac OS X):

    chmod -R a+rwx duokan

    Where ‚duokan‘ is the directory which I extracted the archive to (I used the commandline ‚unrar‘ command).

    Then I copied the directores and ‚update‘ bin files as before. It did not work after restarting automatically after the upgrade, but doing another restart after that eventually brought up the duokan menu.

  80. First off: great project. Keep up the good work.

    I initially tried to install Duokan „Duokan (2010/12/31)“ but when ever I started the OS, it would restart and I’d have to again type „G“. This would happen indefensibly until I gave up and started the „normal“ kindle OS.

    Looking closer, it looks like the rar file was corrupted and not extracting correctly. The DK_System/DK_Update/k3/DK_System/config.ini file was not in the normal folder (infact it was in a new folder in the root of the extracted rar). I then placed this in the correct folder, reinstalled, and not it seems to be running fine.

  81. Hi man,

    Thanks for this.

    I have been using Duokan for some time and it’s just awesome.

    I ran into a problem today, however. I was playing around with the TTS (text to speech) function and my Kindle just froze. I waited for it to respond and nothing happened for about five minutes. Then I slid and held the power button to hard reset it, and now all I see is a white screen and I can’t turn my Kindle on!

    What can I do??

  82. False alarm!

    My Kindle is back on!

    Thanks anyway. :)

  83. Hi, I’ve done the initial root menu stuff (or at least I think I have) but when I go to update, the ‚Update my Kindle‘ button is greyed out and unselectable – can anyone help?

  84. Hello. I want to translate Duokan from Russian. What files contain the text? How to unpack?

  85. […] z nich jest instalacja chińskiej modyfikacji oprogramowania – Duokana. Jest ona dostępna w języku angielskim, dodaje także tryb Smart Layout (reflow) przy czytaniu […]

  86. I just updated to 3.1 firmware. Then I tried to install Duokan from (http://flip.netzbeben.de/2010/11/duo…ish-gui-today/)
    but doesn’t work!!

    So it seems impossible to install Duokan if the firmare is 3.1.

    The message is something like: „the update was not succesful“.

  87. Be warned that on updated kindle 3.1 is not possible to install Duokan!!!

    So for now do not update Your Kindle to 3.1 if You Want to install Duokan.

  88. I had Duokan installed and updated to kindle 3.1 …. both kindle firmware and Duokan still work, although I dont use duokan because of the latin characteres issues á, è, ç …etc

  89. Flip.Hi!
    I tried to load duokan in 2.5.7 DXG but dont work the installation.
    Can you confirm please that it doesnt work.

    Thanks .John Greece!

  90. @Nerobot: I use WinRAR to create the archives. It is the official RAR utility. The RAR files are not corrupted. Make sure you use an official and current unrar to decompress the archives.

  91. […] people out there that are like, “That’s what I want!” So here is the link, Right Here. I loaded it to see what it is about, I’m sure you can too if interested. Easy to uninstall, […]

  92. Has the problem with the 3.1 release been reported to Duokan? I suspect fixing this should be a high priority on their list.

  93. Could it be that the kindle newer 3.1 firmware has a date check that does not allow back versions, be it duokan or official fw not to install??

  94. http://www.duokan.com/forum/viewthread.php?tid=2208

  95. Duokan v0.5.13.8661 for Kindle DX Graphite. Switcher to english language is situated on the 2nd page of settings On this page you should press an “J” button then press joystick button then choose last line from list. To invoke “settings” you can press Alt+Sym keys on keyboard.

  96. Can anybody check if this version render the latin characteres and punctuation on the correct font and size, please? – á à ç ã

  97. Maybe this allows Duokan?

  98. i have problem to install duokan on my Kindle 3 – 3.0.3!
    I can update it, but shows now „Q“ when i Restart it!!

  99. The intersymbol interval for Russian letters is still two or more times bigger than it should be…

  100. Hello,
    I tried to install Duokan Duokan_0_5_13_8661__2011_02_18_english on kindle 3.1 but it does not work…

  101. […] Well that is not completely true. I have found that the CK-12 books are pretty well formatted. And Duokan (if we can get old/unupdated Kindles) makes PDFs work wonderfully. If people are still dead-set […]

  102. Hello,

    I copied the dk_system directory to my kindle root and the update_duokan_0b00?.bin files too, but the kindle always says after the update process „the update was not succesfully“. I have a kindle 3 (wifi) with firmware 3. Any ideas? Anything I forgot?

    Any help would be welcome.

  103. I put Doukan on firmware 3.1 with Jailbreak 3.1.
    Proceed with caution… but it works.

  104. For installing Duokan on 3.1, see yifanlu’s patch:


  105. Can I launch fbKindle in Duokan. Has Doukan a launchpad like kindle system?

    fbKindle and Duokan together.

    someone can make this happen?

  106. Marco, if you plan to read more than PDF’s on a language that uses ã, ç, á, à, etc beware that Duokan renders that characters on the wrong font and size and doesnt render ç at all, that becomes kind of annoying on Portuguese texts, for example.

  107. Yyu can read epubs in Duokan without these problems if you install fbKindle.

    Use Duokan for PDFs and fbKindle for EPUBs without ã, é, ç wrong font and size.

    fbkindle works nicely with Duokan – except – you will have the clock and wifi symbols on the top if you don´t open a PDF or ebook in Duokan before launch fbKindle.

    Is the best of two worlds. My kindle don´t neek the Amazon system anymore.

  108. The chinese forums http://www.duokan.com/forum/viewthread.php?tid=2208&extra=page%3D1 say this can be done on 3.1. Gonna try today.

  109. New version of Duokan is working on kindle 3.1, no need for jailbreak.

  110. […] (visto l'efficiente supporto) vorrei installare Doukan, ma: – ho scaricato la ver. inglese da Duokan – the alternative Kindle OS – in english – flip's – dovrei copiare su root di Kindle. – da una shell di Debian io ho queste cartelle: root@debkde:/# […]

  111. Duokan confirmed working on my 3.1 Kindle. My device is back again!

  112. Duokan seems like a pretty awesome software. I prefer the polish of the regular Kindle OS, but Duokan certainly seems feature full and fast, so it’s a very viable alternative. It really makes you wonder if Amazon will actually be forced to put epub support on their device in the future. In the mean time, I’ll stick to just converting with Calibre.

  113. Thank’s for this guide, all work really well now for pdf manual! But there is any way to use the Wi-Fi whit my home-connection? I’ve lost something? Thanks a lot again

  114. I can’t get extra fonts to show up in Duokan – I put them in \DK_System\System\Font, but no new fonts in the dropdowns. Any idea what I’m doing wrong here? I don’t think I missed a step…

  115. Same problem as Sickhippie — no fonts except the default in the font dropdown menu. I reverted back to an earlier version, and had several font choices, including the Georgia 2 font I added to Kindle after NiLuJe’s font hack. I tried installing Duokan version again, same problem. I uninstalled and went back to an earlier version — all good.

  116. Hi,

    I get U007 error when trying to install latest Doukan on my Kindle 3.
    Any ideas why?
    I’ve got the Kindle jailbroken + using PhysKeyb, but nothing else is touched.


  117. I can’t go back to Duokan after the upgrade of Kindle DXG from 2.5.7 to 2.5.8. Tried to reinstall DK but nothing change. Any ideas?

  118. Founded: I erased the DK_System and not replacede with the new folder, all work well now.

  119. Hi,

    I tried to install the above version on fw 3.1, but I continue getting ‚update unsuccessful‘ messages. I haven’t had previous Duokan versions, so I don’t know what the problem might be, but I do everything as written in the instructions.

    Any suggestions?


  120. I already follow the instruction. Update was succesfull and then kindle is restarted, after kindle loading the screen for choosing Duokan or Kindle is never appeared.

    I try to restart again but the result always the same. After I check to the kindle root file.. The DK_System folder is disappeared.

    My Kindle version is 3.1.

    Any Suggestions?


  121. Do they plan to show chapter marks in the progress bar?
    If they fix this and russian letters I will switch immediately to Duokan forever :)

  122. @Belodalin & Haekal: what kindle are you using? does the chinese version work for you?

  123. Any news on the latin characters and punctuation (á, ç, ã , etc) ? Changing fonts won’t work – I’ve tried.

    My chinese is a bit rusty these days, can anybody point out on Duokan website were to post this bug with the punctuation and characteres?

  124. Meanwhile I got a solution for my problem: I had to uninstall jealbreak for duokan to install successfully. Good new though: no need to remove any of the other (jailbreak-based) hacks, just uninstall jailbreak -> install duokan -> put jailbreak back, and everything is working as they should.

    Thanks for the effort anyway.

  125. I’ve the same problem of Haekal.
    I’ve tried to install doukan, but don’t work.
    the DK_System folder is disappeared

    I’ve Kindle 3.1… any ideas?

  126. @flipkick : Chinese version doesn’t work either. My Kindle Software 3.1 (558700031). Always stay the same…

  127. Gents, just FYI

    Russian guys has „stripped“ Duokan file set, so now Duokan starts from orogonal Amazon environment using Launchpad hack. I.e. you are not pressing Q/W keys at boot time, but running Duokan from original Kindle SW any time pressing Shift-D-S. Furthermore, Duokan installation has simplified to a simple files copy to Kindle’s flash drive, uninstall is just deletion of Doukan folders and so on. Now Duokan can be installed even if jailbreak is installed at your Kindle.

  128. @Haekal: are you using a jailbreaked kindle? if yes, Belodalin’s comment from yesterday comes with the solution. Otherwise, what kindle model are you using?

  129. I’m using Kindle Software 3.1 (558700031).
    without hack.

  130. First thanks so much for providing this version. I’ve been using it since around December, switching back and forth between Duokan and Kindle OS, depending on the task. With the 0305 version, I found that I was able to keep all of my documents in subfolders in kindle’s document area. This allowed me to access all PDF’s in both systems, with their folders becoming collections in Duokan, and being able to set them to kindle collections, also. All was well. When I upgraded to 0311, this ability seemed to go away. The documents are still available in Duokan but they are no longer in collections. Also, the setting choice for loading or not loading kindle documents seems to have disappeared – they are now always loaded. So, this precludes me from suppressing kindle document loading. I’ve switched back to 0305 temporarily but am wondering if I’m missing some sort of new feature about integrating documents in the kindle directory into duokan directories. I run the DXG version by the way although I doubt that matters in this case.

    Thanks for any thoughts you might have.

  131. @flipkick : I didn’t use any hack before… my kindle 3 is WIFI model. Maybe I’ll try another new duokan update.

  132. i’ve just installed the latest version. when i try to add a mobi file to a collection 8 files out of 10 the system crashes and auto reboots

  133. @flipkick : Doukan installed succesfully at last. Using the 2011/03/11 version.
    My problem with doukan is always error in opening MOBI file. took so long, then sometime can crash… so i’ve to reebot.
    For mp3 player, i thing the speaker volume become very low compared with kindle.

  134. Well, I have just tried install the newest Duokan version for my Kindle3 3G. Unfortunately, the version for my kindle has not released yet. So 3G signal couldn’t prompt. Are there anyone write the OS for Kindle3 3G

  135. I installed duokan english version and it started after rebooting correctly, I chose „Q“ and duokan seemed to be starting but stopped in the last ball black progress and froze during a lot time.

    After I reboot (soft and hard reboot) and I have only a white screen.

    Any advice? Send to amazon?

  136. Uff, I could restarted after full charge and 20 second slide reset.

  137. @Fran, yes, exactly, the „20 second slide reset“ will (hopefully) always help you if your kindle freezes or crashes.

  138. I think we missed fit to width view in landscape mode like kindle was. Maybe for the next development it can be available at doukan. Hope so.

  139. nothing new about european fonts?(german, latin, etc.) hope to see them soon.

  140. Hello, i have installed Jailbreak (http://yifan.lu/p/kindle-jailbreak) in my kindle, and new fonts and personalized screensaver.

    Can i install duokan, without uninstall these Jailbreak?

  141. Dear guys,
    I installed duokan and I admit that is really nice. Usually, I use my kindle 3 for reading academic paper, which are pdf file in a two columns format. I would like to know if it is possible to use at the same time Screen Zoom:A and Comic: H. I tried but it seems that one option excludes the other one. I would like to see only one column of the paper and at the same time to zoom in such a way that the whole screen in horizontal is used.

  142. I had the same problem that Fran had on a DXG, Duokan gets stuck at the last block of the loading bar. I can boot correctly to Kindle OS though after restarting too. A shame, as I was keen to try the ’smart layout‘ mode on PDFs.

  143. […] el mejor uso del Kindle. De la misma manera, cierta parte de esta comunidad ha desarrollado un firmware alternativo, o se ofrecen gratis o venden aplicaciones (bloc de notas, traductores, …) que quizá […]

  144. Hi Flip,
    thank you very much for maintaining this site. It is very helpful.

    I’ve missed several firmware updates. Do you have an archive of features for each version?


  145. @danimar: is the chinese version working for you? (you’ll find a download link at the very top of this blog entry)

  146. @quqqu: for the history of changes visit http://bit.ly/eOOHlK .

  147. Thank you flip, handling of mobi and doc files is still better in original Kindle, but pdf is great in duokan. In case you have connections to the developers, do you expect that international mobi and doc viewing will be improved some time? Is there a way to access the source code?

  148. Hey there,
    my display is partially frozen and I want to remove Duokan from my Kindle. Could anybody please tell me which keys I have to press to uninstall it starting from the Home screen. I already found out that by pressing „Menu“ and „J“ the settings menu appears. Thanks in advance!


  149. I have Kindle 3 US version firmware 3.1 I tried to install Duokan but when I hit Update Kindle I get an error message that update not sucessfull. Is this allright ?

  150. Hey Flip,

    I just installed Doukan on my kindle 3. Overall it’s pretty cool – the PDF manipulation seems to work really well. Strangely, one of my PDFs (sadly the one which made me decide to install Doukan in the first place) isn’t cooperating. I can’t zoom at all or change orientation. If I apply the ‚comic‘ two panel approach (which would work *perfectly* for this book), it does separate the panels onto different pages, but the zoom doesn’t increase at all! Instead, I end up with 70% white-space on the screen. Is there any reason why this specific PDF wouldn’t allow resizing? Any way I can modify the document or Doukan to make it work?

    All other PDFs work fine; I can zoom in and out, switch to two columns, go into landscape mode, etc etc. It’s just the one that doesn’t work.

    Thanks so much!


  151. P.S. Doukan is doing something for that one PDF, because it automatically removed the whitespace at the border. It just won’t resize at all beyond that default. Again, thanks.

  152. […] info: Duokan FAQ | Flip’s Website. Descargas: Duokan […]

  153. I figured it out, actually. I suppose the reason it doesn’t zoom is because it’s still trying to see the whole column in one screen. Once I go to the 4 panel layout rather than the 2 panel, it’s wonderfully well zoomed for reading & the universe shines contentment. I really appreciate the blog post; it’s allowing me to read this and many other documents which Amazon hasn’t and likely will never release in kindle format.

  154. i’ve installed the 2011/03/25 version (latest). I was not able to open link in CHM file. My K3 just hang and then restart. I’d rolled back to the prev. version.

  155. Works fine on my DXG. Boot screens and USB connected screen still show Chinese, but menus are in English.

    When updating you get a message that says the update failed, but you can ignore that- it will work fine after the system restart.

    It seems to handle largish pdfs better than the last version. I have a file that had painfully slow page turns both forward and backward in the Kindle OS and in the previous Duokan that now allows fast page turns both forward and backward.

  156. Thank you very much. It’s fantastic. Good Job.

  157. Hi.
    Sorry about my poor English.
    I have a new DXG and yesterday installed Duokan chinese, and changed to English. It worked well and I changed between Duokan and Kindle OS many times. Then I returned to Kindle OS. I installed some books and read them with Kindle OS.
    Today I have tried to change to Duokan OS but It Duokan gets stuck at the last block of the loading bar, like Danimar and Frank said.
    I reboot the kindle (15 seconds…) and select Kindle OS.
    I have tried some times to reinstall Duokan but it gets stuck at the last block.
    Any ideas?

    Another question: after restart option
    Q = 1 for Duokan ,
    W = 2 for the original Kindle OS, but
    E = 3 ??? ( Uninstall ? )

  158. It looks great? I’d like to check it out, but I have a question first — does installing it interefere with the guaranty?

  159. Install Duokan stuck at the last block, SOLVED !

    First „Reset to Factory Defaults“ your Kindle:
    Settings Reset to Factory Defaults.

    Then install Duokan.

  160. What does this „Restoration of the bug“ mean? Do they really restore bugs in newer versions? :)
    Or some funny google translation. It doesn’t make any sense.

  161. Google’s translation is bad, but better than nothing. I would translate „Restoration of the bug“ as „Bugfixes“.

  162. […] In den nächsten Wochen werde ich die alternative Firmware etwas genauer unter die Lupe nehmen und ggf. ein Tutorial bereitstellen. Vorab schon einmal ein Link Englische Anleitung – Duokan installieren. […]

  163. Hi, guys, I am quite keen to find a way to disable the screensaver in Duokan. Did anyone manage to do this? Cheers.

  164. @alex :
    jump to page 3
    last line : screensaver display, check no

  165. Hi flipkick,
    again no solution for Accented Characters… ?

  166. Hi,
    Just installed it and still trying to figure out the system. Many thanks for the suggestion and instructions.

    Can we do underlining in Duokan? It seems we cannot, right? Does it have anything similar to the Kindle system in this respect?

    Lastly, it seems manual trimming can be handy in some cases. How is the option next to manual trimming (pen on screen picture) different from trimming?

  167. […] formats. Calibre is quite good, but since installing duokan, I have not had the need to use it! http://flip.netzbeben.de/2010/11/duo…ish-gui-today/ http://www.mobileread.com/forums/sho…d.php?t=105847 […]

  168. Do umlauts work?

  169. I am very sorry for 3 consecutive superfluous comments (please delete the previous ones).

    I found out screen rotation as well.

    The only problem I have now is underlining in the A mode (horizontal fit, normal screen rotation), and underlining in landscape (screen rotation).

  170. just installed it to my DXG. work flawlessly!!!

    reading PDF is now much better compare to original FW

    By the way I notice that in pdf book when I change to page to next or previous one the screen look not as clear as in the original FW (look like something from the previous page still remain on the screen). Is it any solution for this problem?

    sorry for my poor english

  171. Flip,

    thank you so much for your efforts! I had stopped using
    my DX out of frustration, but now I use it again–thanks to
    Duokan —

    One question: why is the text on PDFs not as crisp on Duokan as it is on the Kindle OS? On the Kindle OS, the characters on PDFs are nice and clean, while they are a little fuzzy on Duokan. Do you think they will address this problem?

  172. Wonderful. I installed on my Kindle 3 with 3.03 firmware. I works like a charm. I only bought a kindle because duokan exists. Thanks to duokan team. Thanks to flip for putting in all the effort.

  173. Crisp text on PDF on Duokan: Set Full refresh = 1

    Menu – Settings – E.Full refresh(Pages) = 1

  174. Vins,

    thank you for the tip! But I must say: I followed your suggestion, and the PDF text is still crisper on the Kindle OS.



  175. […] Bajan Duokan del sitio oficial http://www.duokan.com o de Flip’s English site. […]

  176. Hi,
    i can not get my kindle list on duokan.
    I have some titles shown. but missing the option in settings and some newer pdfs.

    please help me.


  177. @ Franco

    I agree with you – a lot of PDF files look rather fuzzy or lower-resolution compared to the Kindle OS. It can be improved slightly by changing the contrast, but not much.
    Is anyone else experiencing the same? I’ve tried engaging others on mobileread, but no one got back to me about it. It’s a shame because Duokan is so much better otherwise, don’t know how to engage the developers on this.

  178. It’s wonderful..

    Thank you~

    In version 2011/04/08, Change Category is failed…

    Help. please

  179. Hi, Flip!!! I have just posted this question in MobileRead, but I also wanted to ask you directly.
    Just bought a Kindle 3 Wifi International version (3.1 release) , followed your instructions and got the English Duokan working OK. BUT,….
    after introducing a stardict dictionary in Duokan,
    changing the main dictionary and creating some collections in Kindle,
    I am unable to load Duokan,…
    it justs stays frozen at the last dot of the progress bar!
    I have tried to reinstall it, also following your instructions, but no luck, I have not noticed any change.
    Is there any known way to solve this? The thread is not very clear about how to uninstall Duokan (in the worst scenario) if you are not able to load it.

    thanks in advance!

  180. First of all, thanks for providing us with an English version of Duokan.

    Unfortunately, I still get the U007 installation error on my Kindle with the lastest version (2011/04/08).
    My specs are as follows:
    – Kindle 3 WiFi international (do they discern between US and intl wifi versions, anyway?), B008 series
    – Kindle OS 3.1 (558700031, don’t know if there are different versions of the 3.1 system)
    – yifanlu’s jailbreak (v0.4)
    – the latest font and screensaver hacks from the thread on mobileread.com

    I temporarily uninstalled the jailbreak and the hacks for the time of the installation, but I still got the U007 error. I also got a tip from another website which said I should only copy the B008 bin file instead of the entire folder, which I did, but to no avail.

    Also, I fiddled around a bit with the reader.pref file, adjusting margins, allowing justification and so on, I don’t know if this interferes with the installation.

    Wat do?

  181. Thanks for the How-To. Works very good!!

  182. Hi,

    ich bin aus der Nähe von Hamburg und mein Englisch ist nicht so gut. Würdest Du mich kontaktieren?

    Ich finde das Duokan hat tolle Ansätze, leider gibt es das Problem it den Umlauten immer noch…

  183. Thanks for your work! The PDF reader is a big improvement over Kindle OS.

  184. […] La fuente original del DUOKAN en ingles es: Flip’s […]

  185. Hi Guybrush,

    I have the same issue but with Kindle DX Graphite in my case.

    If anybody will find the solution, please share it with the community.

  186. Hi Guybrush, Hi rush,

    did you try installing the chinese version? You can download it from the Archive.

  187. Hi flipkick,

    Thank you for the advise. I’ll do it today.

    Also I would like to note that I’m not able to install new
    version of the Amazon’s firmware (2.5.8). I received the same error (U007).

    The current version of firmware installed on my Kindle DX Graphite is 2.5.5

  188. error U007 .. any solution? thx …

  189. Could I ssh into my kindle on doukan. I broke the original soft, to repair it I should ssh into machine.
    Or is there a way to do this via USB?

  190. is the problem with the german „umlaute“ finally solved? Without them it is not useable for german books…

    Best regards,

  191. […] alternativen Kindle Firmware erschienen. Eine (per default) englische Version findet man wieder bei flip. Falls dir dieser Artikel gefallen hat, hinterlasse einen Kommentar oder abonniere den RSS feed um […]

  192. Hi everyone,
    for the Error U007, you probably still jailbraeked your Kindle. Remove the Jailbreak and install Duokan. Then it will be work. I’m interested in internet browser in Duokan OS? is it to get such browser? and is it possible to get ssh and root shell in Duokan?

    Thanks all for the reply in advance.

  193. How can I make TTS for another languages? What kind of format uses duokan?

  194. i tried your doukan with kindle 3.1 and did not work what to do?

  195. […] Q để boot vào Duokan. Hoặc nhấn W nếu muốn boot vào firmware gốc của Kindle http://flip.netzbeben.de/2010/11/duo…ish-gui-today/ Bạn vào đây download bản mới nhất nhé. Chắc do kindle mới nâng cấp lên 3.1, […]

  196. I have started using Duokan OS and by and large I like it so much, especially the way it handles PDF, the ability to read various formats and then last but not least the ease of navigation, that I find myself using it all the time.

    I have a few questions which I share and hope some of you can share your knowledge/views about these.

    1. There seems to be no internet browser for Duokan.
    2. Does 3G work?
    3. Is it possible to use more fonts in Duokan by using jailbreak and font hacks for Kindle FW/OS?

  197. I just installed the new update – new Duokan version (2011/04/22) with english language preconfigured. And one thing I did notice compared to the old version I installed back in March is that under Menu> J. Settings>Other> the option „Use Kindle List“ is no longer there. I prefer separating my kindle files( which are mostly novels) from my duokan files (pdf of medical books) ‚coz they tend to be too many.. Any one had the same problem?

  198. hani, on April 30th, 2011 at 14:47 Said:

    i tried your doukan with kindle 3.1 and did not work what to do?

    I am using duokan with kindle fw 3.1 and it is working without any problem.

    Can you hani be specific when you say it did not work?

  199. majidbhurgri, on Mai 4th, 2011 at 00:34 Said:
    hani, on April 30th, 2011 at 14:47 Said:
    i tried your doukan with kindle 3.1 and did not work what to do?
    I am using duokan with kindle fw 3.1 and it is working without any problem.
    Can you hani be specific when you say it did not work?

    Thank you, it’s working now.I don’t know why exactly, but the problem solved now and I’m enjoining using it.
    And regarding fonts hack, I am, myself, using my own fonts by adding jailbreak and fonts break. But I’m wondering about supporting Arabic language.

  200. hi mzerrah, i guess they renamed it again. i’ll have a look at it tomorrow and update the current menu option in the installation instructions above.

  201. HI guys,

    I bought a Kindle 3 wifi yesterday and I successfully updated the Kindle with this Duokan but after restart nothing happened the default Kindle OS booting. Tried to restorte defaults as mentioned and cca 5x times but nothing Q or anything appears. This is not working.

  202. Hello again Hani… I installed jailbreak and then fonthack but now the duokan won’t install…

    Did you install duokan first and the jailbreak and fonthack later or did u install jailbreak & fonthack first and then duokan?

    Arabic appears fine in the browser. I wanted to check it in duokan after installing custom fonts but now doukan would not install. The msg comes up update failed!

    Any idea what is happening?

  203. I was able to install duokan after uninstalling jailbreak and font hack. After installing duokan, I ran jailbreak and font hack. Now the fonts are available in duokan but doc and html files with Arabic script fonts somehow are not appearing correctly. None of the letters appear, only the punctuation marks, part of the Latin character set, appear…

  204. Hallo Flip,
    Du wirst hier sicher mit Fragen überflutet, aber ich habe hier eine ungewöhnliche Nuss zu knacken. Amazon hat mir ein Austauschgerät für einen leicht am Gehäuse beschädigten K3 geschickt. Danach haben sie den beschädigten K3 deregistriert, was bedeutet das ich unter Menü nicht mehr auf den Punkt Update zugreifen kann und auch keine neuen Collections mehr anlegen kann. Ansonsten ist der K3 mit Firmware 3.1 aber eigentlich noch tadellos in Ordnung und jetzt würde ich gerne Duokan installieren, kann das aber nicht weil ich keinen „update Knopf“ mehr im Menü habe. Hast Du evtl. eine Idee wie ich den wieder aktivieren kann?

    Vielen Dank,

  205. *Nachtrag*
    Kein Update Knopf ist vielleicht etwas schlecht formuliert, er ist unter settings einfach nur als „hellgrau“/ inaktiv markiert.

  206. There are a posibility to connect kindle 3g as a modem to the pc to access the internet ?

  207. cornel, its possible, but it does support only http protocol

    To use jailbreak with duokan i restored defaults, installed duokan and then installed jailbreak and language customization

  208. It’s absolutely love it!!

    Thank you.

  209. Thanks for the english hack flip

    Is there a place for feature requests in English?

    I enjoy using duokan for pdfs for my kindle 3 and i want to use it for my other e-books too but i can’t because of

    1) Latin letters problem, they generally don’t show up even when they show up they look weird

    2)The space after apostrophe. This is so annoying and it is the only reason i can’t read my english e-books on duokan.

    3)There is not a quality font (at least they are not on the same level as the original ones). Is there a hack to use the original kindle sans serif font?

    Aside from those, it is a wonderful piece of code and i certainly enjoy it while reading PDFs.

    I just bought a cheap Kindle3 [with special offers].
    Once I installed Duokan, no more ads! LOL

    Seriously…I didn’t put Duokan on there to get rid of ads. I got it for it’s awesome folder management and crisp fonts!

    I got frustrated fast not being able to put collections inside a parent collections. For example: R.A. Salvatore has several different book series that I wanna keep separate, but under his name. Since Duokan uses simple folder hierarchy, it’s a no-brainer now!

    I just wish Kindle3 had more than 3GB memory, but that’s not Duokan’s fault. Thanks again for a great program!

  211. Hi, thanks for your work here. We really appreciate it. I have a question:
    Is it possible to read other languages documents using the native amazon .azw format that lets you increase font size and so on?
    I want to if possible add Persian fonts to kindle3.
    thank you

  212. How do you exactly configure duokan to access internet with the 3G ?
    Another burning question : about language cutomomization how can you add new language like russian, hebrew, umlauts for geman etc ? adding fonts seems not enough since the filename, table of contents of pdfs are not properly displayed. Please help.

  213. duokan will ever support notes and underline pdf like kindle 3?


  214. Hi!
    I’m trying to download Duokan to install it on my Kindle 3 but I cannot open the Duokan_0_5_13_8938_2011_05_06_english.rar on my MacBook. Can’t understand which is the problem, but I cannot arrive at any Duokan archive… How can I do? Thank you very much, vielen Danke

  215. I downloaded some ebooks in epub format from University of Adelaide (http://ebooks.adelaide.edu.au/) and from Gutenberg Project but Duokan always hangs up and freezes while opening these ebook. Has anyone else faced this issue?

    Duokan has no problem handling epub books from Feedbooks, though.

    Does anyone have clue as to why is this so?

  216. am loving Duokan. I have not read more than one page, or added one book to my kindle collection since getting my kindle. I want it to be Duokan all the way.

    Just a question:
    how to update from Duokan. to Duokan ? whilst keeping my documents (DK_Documents) and notes, underlines/“digests“ etc.?

    Do I need to update anything? I have no kindle books or PDFs, its all in DK_Documents. Do I need to back up before updating? Will duokan update my settings?

    Do I perform the update through duokan or kindle OS? What are the exact procedures for updating?

    Please advise me before I try update…

  217. correction: „I have not read more than one page ON THE KINDLE OS, or added one book to my kindle collection, (RATHER THAN DUOKAN COLLECTION( since getting my kindle. I want it to be Duokan all the way.“

    a very useful thread on Duokan is here:

  218. After installing the newest (for 2011/05/16) version – (2011/05/13 ) – other than supported files are visible under Duokan … :(

    Is it a new bug or maybe I’m the only one who has that problem ?

  219. Doukan looks like it delivers the killer app capability to Kindle – well formatted pdfs. Thanks for doing and posting all the great detective work

    Just curious, have you looked to see if there is any 2 way traffic between the Doukan OS and your computer when you load files on the Kindle? Did you do anything like calculate a hash on the original Kindle OS before and after the Doukan install to see if anything changed there?

    Apologies for the paranoia, I’m just curious.

  220. I am using duokan for about 3-4 months on my kindle and it is perfect for my needs. The only missing thing is support for Turkish characters. I mostly read in English but I sometimes need to read Turkish books.

  221. Tried to install on Kindle 3.2.1 but failed . . . „update unsuccessful“ U004 error.

    Any thoughts? Thanks!

  222. I have tried many times to install duokan but I can´t. I copy all the folders named DK_ and the bin file b008. After that I choose upgrade kindle, it says that it has upgraded successfully, it restarts, the kindle loading bar appears, then the boot loader of duokan (where you choose the OS), after that then again the kindle loading bar, and at the end appears the duokan loading bar but it hangs without loading the last rectangle of the bar. I have waited several minutes (more than 10) and stays the same. I also tried copying all the bin files of kindle 3 folder as specified on the instructions but always getting the same. I have tried with chinese and english versions of 2011/05/06 and with english version of 2011/05/13 but no luck. I have a kindle 3 WIFI with firmware 3.1 (558700031) without any hack or jailbreak. Any ideas?

  223. […] FYI: Duokan is a replacement firmware for the Kindle that lets you read Epub/Mobi/AZW, download RSS feeds, and do a bunch of other things. It’s been getting incrementally better since i first came across it back in November, and I’m pretty sure it will one day pass the Kindle in terms of features. (You can get an English language version here.) […]

  224. […] And before you post it, flip’s site, located here: http://flip.netzbeben.de/2010/11/duo…ish-gui-today/ […]

  225. Flip, first of all I would like to thank you very much for the english version. You’re doing a great job and I hope you keep it going.

    Now I have a question for anyone who can help:
    I was using an old verion of duokan (2011_03_05). After upgrading to the latest (2011_05_20), in my book list shows also image file names (probably from pdf conversions to prc or mobi). Is it possible to exclude such files from the list or do I have to delete them?
    I would appreciate any answer. Thanks.

  226. Not loading on kindle 3 – v3.2.1
    Installation failure U004

  227. it would be a good tip no to put files on dk doc. because on every upgrade youll lose those books…..thanks for the info!!!

  228. My problem is exactly the same as described by royman, on Mai 22nd, 2011 at 23:26. Same Kindle 3.1. No hacks or jailbreaks. Update works fine, but Duokan stops at the last rectangle of its loading bar and then hangs. Any Help?

  229. Thanks! this firmware is very powerful for manga and pdf reading!!!

    But I’ve got some trouble, on home screen it lists all my picture in Pictures folder none-hierarchy. I know that I need to copy all my picture to DK_Pictures, but I won’t see these pics in original firmware. (I do need to read my purchased book.)
    How do I set Duokan to ignore my Picture folder? Or may be how do I read my purchased book in Duokan?
    My Duokan version is (2011/05/20) with english language preconfigured.

  230. I’m using a DRM remover on ePub files (purchased legally) and reading them in the latest version of Duokan for Kindle. Some chapters only display the first page of the chapter. When I flip the page it goes to the next chapter. I have tried 2 books and it happened on both. When I display these same files in Adobe Digital Edition on a PC, they work fine.

    The free version of the DRM remover removed these same chapters entirely. So I bought the licensed version and processed the same ePubs and installed on the Kindle. Then the symptom above appeared. In one sense the DRM remover worked, but it is leaving some artifact that interferes with Duokan.

    Any thoughts?

    Thank you,

    David Anderson

  231. Another problem with version 2011_05_20:
    Can’t seem to start music player. Every time I press Alt+M or choose Music from the menu the system freeze and I have to reboot.
    Has anyone experienced the same problem? Flip, any ideas?

  232. Do we know when Duokan for firmware 3.2.1 will be out? Thank you!

  233. Hi
    I just installed Duokan on my Kindle 3. It is great. Awesome.
    But I have some problem compare than previous Kindle OS.

    1. Web Browser : No Web Browse Installed.
    OS Kindle : Has internet web browser.
    Dookan : Wifi working great, but no option for web browsing. I have only Bookstore option which thought some China bookstore website.

    2. Wifi Add Hoc, Enterprise Peer to Peer
    OS Kindle : is not allow Peer to Peer wifi connection.
    Duokan : Is it support ? Anybody ever try ?

    3. MP3 Player
    OS Kindle : No Shuffle, Pause OK
    Duokan : Shuffle OK, But how I pause mp3 ?

    Please let me know yours experience about them.
    Many thanks.


  234. Hi I really need your help!!! I tried installing Duokan both the English version and the Chinese version but I get the error message

    „Update not successfull“

    I tried installing Duokan fresh several times by restoring to factory settings. I do not have any jailbreak on it cause I only just got my Kindle 3 two hours ago.

    Please help! I copied al the DK folders then relevant .bin files from two folders labelled with 3 squares.

    Thanks all

  235. I also got the same problem of not being able to locate the ‚Use Kindle Lists‘ in the duokan ‚other‘ settings… Can anybody offer a solution?

  236. I’ve got the same problem

    [QUOTE] royman, on Mai 22nd, 2011 at 23:26 Said:

    I have tried many times to install duokan but I can´t. I copy all the folders named DK_ and the bin file b008. After that I choose upgrade kindle, it says that it has upgraded successfully, it restarts, the kindle loading bar appears, then the boot loader of duokan (where you choose the OS), after that then again the kindle loading bar, and at the end appears the duokan loading bar but it hangs without loading the last rectangle of the bar. I have waited several minutes (more than 10) and stays the same. I also tried copying all the bin files of kindle 3 folder as specified on the instructions but always getting the same. I have tried with chinese and english versions of 2011/05/06 and with english version of 2011/05/13 but no luck. I have a kindle 3 WIFI with firmware 3.1 (558700031) without any hack or jailbreak. Any ideas?

  237. @royman, let try to pres frequently q button during restart , i think. Or/and try to reset to the factory setting after instaling duokan

  238. after* = before (sorry)

  239. Please help me, I have kindle 3 version 3.2.1 without ads version. when i try to update the kindle with the doukan it says update fails errors U004 and the doukan startscreen it not showing.

    thanks for your help

  240. I have K3 wi-fi with firmware 3.2.1. It is jailbroken using YiFan Lu’s 0.5 jailbreak and has the 0.22 screensaver hack.

    I tried installing your English version of Duokan (v. I copied all 3 DK_ folders as well as the b008.bin file into the root folder of the Kindle. When I try updating the Kindle, I get error code U004.

    I tried removing the SS hack and the jailbreak, then installing Duokan but I get the same error. Any idea what the problem might be?

  241. If I get the DX Graphite is the PDF support then better with this firmware compared to the normal firmware?

  242. Bugs in
    Duokan version (2011/05/20)
    i wasnt able to log into the forum (why ever .. dont ask me)
    But i did found two major bugs in the release

    Fist and the most annoying :
    on mobior epub flies the Font get´s somehow loose when you turn the page, its getting back when you press the Menue button ..

    if you zoom into
    a PDF file ,(shift arrow up) and press arrow down afterwards
    the text gets reduced one size instead of scrolling down

  243. hi i have kindle three with special offers version 3.2 not 3.2.1 can i install duokan in it is their any dangers of installing it like white screen forever ….etc thanks alot

  244. Followed your instructions to the letter…
    All I end up getting is „Update Failed“ then the kindle2 restarts and removes the binaries.

    Any thoughts?

  245. I made several trial of installing English version of Duokan (v. Extraction generates only DK_ System folders and four Chinese folders. I made two DK folders(documents/pictures) and picked the b008.bin file from one Chinese folder. After copying 3 folders and b008 into the root folder it is no use updating the Kindle. Error code U004 comes out. My kindle 3 is Ad. version with firmware 3.2.1.

  246. I have kindle 3 version 3.2.1 with ads version. when i try to update the kindle with the doukan it says update fails and errors U004 comes out. I wondered if the problem is with ads version. But neuralien’s kindle(June 21) without ads version has the same problem.

  247. […] have to do is hit a key and it will boot the Chinese OS vice the one it ships with. Pretty slick! Duokan – the alternative Kindle OS – in english – flip's / Reply With […]

  248. Hi !

    Just installed Duokan to my Kindle 3 WLAN+3G (intl). It seems that all the books I have purchased from the Amazon are no longer there. How do I get them back ??

  249. I’ve got the same problem.
    maybe a newest ver fromDoukan can solve it

    [QUOTE] royman, on Mai 22nd, 2011 at 23:26 Said:

    I have tried many times to install duokan but I can´t. I copy all the folders named DK_ and the bin file b008. After that I choose upgrade kindle, it says that it has upgraded successfully, it restarts, the kindle loading bar appears, then the boot loader of duokan (where you choose the OS), after that then again the kindle loading bar, and at the end appears the duokan loading bar but it hangs without loading the last rectangle of the bar. I have waited several minutes (more than 10) and stays the same. I also tried copying all the bin files of kindle 3 folder as specified on the instructions but always getting the same. I have tried with chinese and english versions of 2011/05/06 and with english version of 2011/05/13 but no luck. I have a kindle 3 WIFI with firmware 3.1 (558700031) without any hack or jailbreak. Any ideas?

  250. Hi,

    will there be also an english version? What does the lite version contain? Only a PDF viewer?

  251. Hi,

    My duokan happened to freeze completely with an opened pdf with bookmarks. Screen is „on“, no reaction to 20, 30 sec power slide, or any buttons etc…

    Looking for some help on how to restart the system or what to do.


  252. Re: Feeze – SOLVED

    Seems it was due to critical level battery. Strange thing is that I just checked two days ago and it indicated over 60% charge level…

  253. I have the same that royman. Exactly the same one. I have uninstalled it and intalled again and the issue persists. Any help?

  254. I also have problems :((((

    I installed everything as said. Downloaded the stuff. Extracted it. Connected and copied the english folders + the bin files from the first chinese folder.

    I updated and now it is restarting. I press Q and Duokan is about to open. However it stalls on the screen that shows the bars. All the bars load, except the last one.

    I wait for 5 minutes, but nothing happens. :(
    What have I done wrong?

    I installed the preconfigured version on a Kindle 3

  255. Just tried it with the Chinese version. Same thing happens.
    Why is all the IT stuff so complicated? It never just takes 5 minutes. It is always hours :(
    Can anybody help?

  256. I have the Dx international.
    I’ve replaced the 3g pci module with a wifi module, and i was wondering if maybe there was a way to install drivers for wifi in doukan, seeing as its pretty complicated to do in the native kindle os.

  257. I have K3 wi-fi with firmware 3.1, jailbreak installed. After installing Duokan, I have the same problem that yodrako and royman users, my Kindle hangs after booting in the last square of the Duokan progress bar…Any idea? Thanks.

  258. personally i find the OS quite clumsy(though not sluggish).the feature i like is the mp3 player, but it is difuccult to make categories.

  259. Flawless install on my newly purchased DXG. I did get the „update failed“ thing, but then it rebooted and Duokan started just fine after pressing Q.

    Thanks for the links/guide!

  260. Many thanks for your helpful website!! Duokan is working well for me on Kindle DX. It has improved the readability and speed of page-turn of my pdf’s (which are scans I made of technical references.) Question: Is there a way to make subfolders while in the Duokan OS. The only way I have been able to do it is in USB mode hooked to the desktop computer. When I make a subfolder, I then cannot see the files that are „loose“ inside the main folder. Workaround is of course to put everything in that folder in a subfolder, just wondering if this is how it works for everyone. Thanks again!

  261. why is there no option to change to english in the new dklite version from july 2nd? and i couldnt open any documents except the my_clippings.txt file?!

  262. hi
    great alternative operating system
    installed sucessfully in kindle 3 version 3.2 with special offers
    thanks alot for english instructions

    one question :
    i heard that they update the software every saturday can anyone get the new software after the software of date 20 may and localize it and but it in the page

    also another thought :
    in duokan files after unrar by winrar after opening several folders in dk_system i see a multiple folders named loadingpicture found in dk_update and also in system (could be found by searching by term loadingpicture in whole folder of duokan installation after unrar) which contain pictures of menus of kindle this pictures contain chinese characters could any body replace these pictures by pictures black and white of the same dimensions in terms of pixels with pictures which contain english characters only or better pictures so we can have custom menus of usb mode and boot and shut down and etc .

  263. so what is the deal with the lite version???
    Please let us know!!

    Thank you so much for your efforts!

  264. I just installed Duokan Lite (as mentioned at the top of this page). The interface is in Chinese, and no comments I have read anywhere mention anything about how to start the English UI in this version. I have no menu item that looks like a wrench and cannot therefore change to English.

    Can I simply remove the Lite version and install the version from 5/20/11?

  265. I had had some crash issue with the Kidnle 3G version, however after updating to the latest OS the problem was solved completely.

    I love the smart PDF layout,. wasn’t aware of it. Some great info here, thank you. I would love to take some and post on my kindle 3g review blog as well. I will paste a ref backlink to your site for sure.


  266. hi. I have a Kindle 3 wifi Special offers. Soft 3.2.1
    I cant install Duokan. It reboots and tnen error appears, is there any special way to do it in special offers edition?
    Can somebody give me any tip or help. Ty

  267. I have a kindle 3 version 3.2.1. I have copied the folders and bin files into the root folder, shortly after the update proces starts the kindle says the update was not succesfull and reboots into the original kindle version. Can Kindle 3 update to DuoKan on version 3.2.1 of Kindle?

  268. Hello everybody,

    I added my ePub files to „DK_Documents“ folde but duokan does not see. What should I do?

  269. […] stand to see your personal electronics go un-tweaked (I’m guilty of this.) Check out this installation guide to get you […]

  270. hi, i also have kindle 3, 3.2.1 version (no jb or hacks), i copied everything for my kindle to the root and i always get „update not successful“. Is it possible to make it work on this version?

  271. I got it working with kindle 3 for few days. However yesterday my kindle froze with kindle screensaver and some duokan text. It didn’t respond to anything, now it is resetting but after each reset I get duokan menu and selecting W hangs it while Q brings the duokan menu after some time. I am not able to get into either kindle or duokan. Please help if you have some ideas.

  272. There has benn no way to install it In Kindle 3 Special offers. 3.2.1. It always gives error. Is there a special way to do it? Why was my previous message deleted? TY

  273. Thank you for your information and for being so helpful.. I am a staff of Duokan. If you have any questions about Duokan OS,plese tell me. it’s my pleasure to exchange with you.

    Best greeting for you

  274. For firmware 3.2.1 users having trouble installing duokan I have found the following instructions which worked for my Kindle 3 wifi w/ special offers.


    It requires jailbreak and usbNetwork hacks to be installed which are linked to in the instructions.

    Thanks to flip. Your page turned me on to duokan.

    Good luck to everyone else trying to install.

  275. Many thanks, Flip. English instruction is really helpful.
    I have successfully installed Duokan on my K3 ver.3.2.1 without any hack.

    I found they recently released latest .bin files that work fine for ver 3.2.1, so I applied them to Flip’s then followed his instruction.
    This is just one thing I needed to change. Thanks again, Flip.


  276. Hi,

    does the Duokan support the cyrillic fonts?

  277. Anybody with K3 firmware v3.2.1 will have to install it manually through SSH, for which first you have to jailbreak your kindle then install the usbnetworking and then run the install script (DK_System/install/install.sh) via SSH. more details and links can be found here: http://www.nikvdp.com/technotes/?p=79

    and everything necessary can be found here: http://www.mobileread.com/forums/showthread.php?t=88004usbnetwork

    I did it step by step and got it right! Duokan is fun.

  278. Hi,

    I just discovered this firmware.

    In the original Firmware, there was a kind of „sliding“ or looping option, when a title of a book was too long to be displayed. In the Duokan Firmware, I really miss this function. Is there any way to get this too?

  279. i downloaded and tried to install both versions (english and chinese) on my kindle3 3.1. the chinese version didnt work (no boot screen), but the english one just installs and runs fine.

    thx for posting the links, i would never have that on the duokan webpage.

  280. To get this to work on Kindle 3 with version 3.2.1

    1. Un install any jailbreak
    2. Do a factory reset (I did not need to do this step)
    3. Disable the wireless
    4. Download the package in this post
    5 .Extract the contents
    6. Copy the DK_ folders to the root of your kindle via USB
    7 .Download this file [super NB resolves U004]

    (Original post)

    8 .Extract 3 files inside to your kindle root

    9 .Go into home->settings->menu->update

    10. Wait patiently it may fail but your device will be rebooted. It said that the update failed on my device however the firmware is installed and operates correctly.

    If you do not get the menu on reboot
    Try steps 8-10 again
    (i had to do it twice)


    The only difference between the english version and the chinese one is in DK_System\DK_Update\k3\DK_System\config.ini and other folders (eg k2) for different Kindle models

    The line changed is below:
    Language=3 (English)
    Language=1 (Chinese)

  281. Step 4. Download the package in this post
    Refers to the full version in this blog post by Flip.

    (This is version rtm0.5.13.8942 Beta0520 btw)

  282. Hi Kindle Duokan lovers
    I have been using Duokan for 3 months now, and nothing I complain but its internet browser that hasnt provide yet. So when I want to use internet browser through wifi, I have to switch the Duokjan on Original Kindle mode. Thise step is Easy (Menu, J, B = Switch to Kindle). Then
    If I want to back on Duokan mode I have to copy bin file on Kindle root, and Upgrade Kindle (Menu, Setting, Upgrade your Kindle). Its mean I have to plug the USB cable to computer to get its bin files.
    Is any step to re-switch to Duokan rather than copy bin files via usb cable ?

  283. You press Q or W one of the two when the boot menu loads you don’t need to re install… You willl see this screen with 3 options on it when u restart the device.

    (Q or W) — One is for duokan the other is Kindle

  284. I’ve a small question. Duokan will treat all files with a format that it suports in the lowest level folder as books, right? Is there a way to tell it to ignore certain folders?

    I use the Kindle OS for Amazon books and Duokan OS for books in other formats and languages.

    Natually, when I change screensavers I want to change them in both systems. For Duokan it’s simple, just copy pictures to the „savers“ folder. For the Kindle OS, I had to install jailbreak and screensaver’s hack (kindle-ss-0.22.N).

    Duokan, JB, and SS hack are all up and working fine. However, there’s a little problem that troubles me.

    I put new screensavers for Kindle OS in linkss\screensavers folder, they display nicely. But when I switch to Duokan system, Duokan recognizes all my new pictures in that folder, as well as the original portraits stored in the „backup“ folder, as books. I had over 200 hundred new SS and each of them are showed as a book in Duokan book list and jamed it up.

    I tried to go to settings and let Duokan use the Kindle OS screensavers(default Duokan is to use self defined SS, you can change that), whitch are now in linkss. I thought once Duokan draws screensavers from „linkss\screensavers“ folder, it should know those puctures are not books. But no, those picture names were still on the book list.

    At the end I have to reduce the number of SS for Kindle OS to less than five in order to clean up the Duokan booklist.

    Is there a way out of the mess? I believe I’m not the only person that would use both systems…

  285. I try to install Duokan con on kindle 3 – v3.2.1 (no ads). I followed the instructions and when a tried to „update your kindle“ I simply can’t (the option was on shadows). I restart it and press the q key but nothing new happens.

  286. I tried to install following the instructions provided, but when I do the update, I get „the update was unsuccessful“. What do I do? maybe I didn’t put the right .bin files, but it is unclear to me what .bin files exactly should be there (I have the latest kindle, i.e., 3)

  287. I am feeling pleased with myself as I have just successfully installed the full version of Duokan on my new Kindle 3g EU version with Firmware 3.2.1.

    This was a little complicated in so far as I had to trawl through some of the chinese forums to work out what to do:

    Look at http://www.duokan.com/forum/thread-24049-1-1.html Note: when I used Chrome browser the page auto loaded with the option to translate to English which was how I deciphered it!

    Get the .rar file indicated in the post.

    Look at Flip’s site http://flip.netzbeben.de/2010/11/duo…ish-gui-today/

    Download the English pre-configured package. You need the DK folders from this archive.

    Next follow http://www.duokan.com/forum/thread-7709-1-2.html

    It all proceeded just as the forum suggested.

  288. Please, let us know when we will be able to install duokan in kindle with firmware 3.2.1

  289. @lukman …. if you go to menu settings on the Kindle OS and restart it, then it comes back in Duokan for me automatically… whenever I restart it comes back to duokan, no messing with the bin file or anything

  290. Tuve problemas con el Duokan La instalacion fallaba,(normal, segun la pagina de duokan), pero a la hora de cargar el sistema, se quedaba congelado en el ultimo bloque. El problema se resolvio reseteando el aparato a valore de fabrica, y luego instalandoel duokan.

    Gracias Vins, por la solucion.

    Install Duokan stuck at the last block, SOLVED !

    First “Reset to Factory Defaults” your Kindle:
    Settings Reset to Factory Defaults.

    Then install Duokan.

  291. […] This is possible! Long story short a comment on YiFan’s 3.2.1 jailbreak page pointed out how to do it. I won’t fully explain how to do it here, but basically you need to use YiFan’s jailbreak, then install usbNetwork access to get SSH access to your kindle. Once that’s done you can copy DuoKan onto the kindle as usual, and use your SSH access to run the install script. I’m new to the kindle jailbreaking world, but everything I needed to download to make this work was available here. Duokan itself (english version) you can get from the links on flip’s post here. […]

  292. I eagerly installed DuoKan in hopes of real epub performance, but the DK epub reader makes mobi look good. DK ignores floats, and hyperlinks. They should crib from Calibre’s ebook-viewer. I’ll watch for DK improvements, but right now it’s disappointing.

  293. hi kindle users,
    wihlie reading books a used to make notes.
    I seee that there are saved in a dkp file.

    how can i open a dkp file outside doukan?


  294. I have Kindle 3.2.1 and followed the instructions carefully. But it keeps saying that the Update is not succesful, restarts and nothing happened. How can I solve this?

  295. I have kindle with 3.2.1 version, and can’t install duokan. Does anybody knows how to workaround this thing?

  296. […] and it has a very easy and intuitive margin crop feature! I installed the english version from: http://flip.netzbeben.de/2010/11/duokan-available-with-english-gui-today/. Know I just need a K3-DX, cuz the small Kindle is still a bit small for some A4 native PDFs. […]

  297. Is there a way to use the links in pdfs? Such as the ones from the content?

  298. I have followed the instructions… and looked to see if anyone else is having this problem….

    everytime I try and update my kindle 3G the update fails and the error code is U0004

    I am curious as to if it has been sucessfully installed, but I can’t seem to get into it. Also seems kinda odd that you have to repeat the update process everytime you want to use the alt os

    any responses are welcome. thanx

  299. also when am I supposed to hit ‚q‘ ?
    before loading bar or after?

  300. You can switch to Duokan by restarting the kindle (holding the start button for more than 15 sec)!

  301. how to install duokan in kindle firmware 3.2.1 anyone? im starting to get stressed out of the installatian error.

  302. […] anlatımın orjinali şu linkte: http://flip.netzbeben.de/2010/11/duo…ish-gui-today/ Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:BeğenBe the first to like this […]

  303. hi

    cant seem to install the latest version of duokan. my kindle is v3.3. it’s always gets an error msg when updating? can anyone help?

  304. hi

    for those who are having problem with your kindle 3.3, all you have to do is to dl the original duokan from the web http://www.vdisk.cn/down/index/8837505A5796

    after which copy all the bin files from kindle3.2.1升级包 to your kindle’s root directory under the extracted folder kindle 升级包

    hopes this help.

  305. […] Alternative Firmware Duokan, Link 2 […]

  306. If you installed it the way instructed all you have to do to get into duokan is reboot and hold on the keyboard the top left key. on kindle 2 its 1(one) on kindle 3 is q. keep pressing it as it is starting up till you see the duokan pop up.

  307. I am using dxg with korean font hack.
    I uninstalled jail break and font hack, and set to factory default to install duokan.
    But every time I tried to install duokan, update was not successful.
    I changed ini file language setting. still I can’t update with duokan install file.
    Now I am giving up installing duokan.
    Others are installing fine, but I am not.
    I wanted to use duokan.
    but I can’t.

  308. I have Kindle version 3.3
    After copying the 3 DK folders and bin file to kindle root, upgrading and restarting, there is still no Q or W menu.

  309. […] b)Duokan: Another awesome tool. My discovery of this tool was accidental and very welcome as I have a lot of pdf files. This is another OS that you can install (alongside the original Kindle OS) by updating from the kindle. The instructions to which are provided in the link (btw this is the only place that i found some instructions that I understand). Verdict: Simply Superb! Why? Read on! […]

  310. Will this work for kindle touch,

    and any specialty should I expect considering reading Arabic texts?


  311. Hello,

    Is there a version of Duokan OS for Kindle Touch?

  312. Hello,

    Thanks, great stuff! I’m using it on my DXg and works like a charm!

    Just one question, where is the TTS? I would like to use it on my pdf’s and djvu’s but can’t seem to find it

  313. Good evening from Spain. A couple of questions that I hope somene will be able to answer…
    I copied the files, connected my Kindle DX to the charger and turned it off (with the screensaver on the screen) waiting it to charge and then install Duokan, When I came back Duokan was already installed, and everytime I reboot the default OS is Duokan, not Kindle. Why has it installed by itself? And how do I change the default OS?
    Tnank you in advance and GREAT TUTO

  314. Ok, I answer myself. It seems the solution is Set DK System to Off in Settings.
    I have yet no idea why it autoinstalled…

  315. Hi, everybody!
    I have some questions:
    can the new DK display traditional chinese characters?
    Will it work on the new tactile screen Kindle?

    Anybody know where I can get complete russian english, russian-russian, chinese-english dictionaries working under DK or Kindle?
    Lots of thanks

  316. Hello – I have a new Kindle, but it has no keyboard. I wanted to install Duokan, but there is no Q or W options. Will it be possible to bring out a script to cope with this?


  317. […] di utile, come per esempio un Hack sul Kindle 2, sul quale è stato installato Ubuntu, oppure questo sistema operativo da affiancare al Kindle e scegliere in fase di […]

  318. I have a Kindle Keyboard Ver 3.3 y try to install Doukan as follows:
    1-Download Duokan_0_5_13_8942__2011_05_20_english
    2-Extract all files and copy DK_Documents, Dk_Pictures and Dk_System in the Root of my Kindle.
    3-Copy from directory 升级包 and subdirectory k3升级包update_duokan_0b008.bin file in the Root of my Kindle.
    4-go to Menú / Settings / Menú / Update Your Kindle
    and when try to update show
    „unsuccessful update“ and in the left bottom corner u004

    I repeat this process a lot times but the error is the same.
    I need Duokan because my books are .PDF and Kindle system is very difficult to read.
    Could you help me?

  319. link address from above


    Seem to download chinese version only.

    Older versions will not install under Amazon Kindle 3.3(611680021). Kindle3 lite version does not read .mobi’s.

  320. Have seen a number of comments on mobileread and elsewhere asking the question how to switch interface back to English…this varies from version to version and model to model. But, it would be great if someone could post a screenshot on this site, so we could see the chinese characters to look for to switch different versions to English…Thanks.

  321. I recently bought a Kindle Touch. I follow your instructions above and the option “Update Your Kindle” is grayed out (i.e. inactive) on my Kindle
    Any idea why’s that?


  322. Hi Kindle User,

    I’ve bought the latest version 4 from Kindle from amazone. works fine so far – but does some has tried duokan here ?

  323. @manggo Just restart your kindle, you can do this from the kindle properties menu

  324. Hi, I tried Duakan Duokan_0_5_13_8942__2011_05_20_english against a DXG version 2.5.8. I got the „Update was not successeful“ message and then the kindle restarted by itself.
    However, it freeze during restart at 20% and I cannot reset it anymore (even holding power button 20 secs or more has no effect).

    Does someone know how to fix that ? thanks.

  325. All right, I managed to unfreeze my DXG by resetting firmware to factory defaults. The undocumented procedure is : Hold on button during 30 secs then press Home. It drops any content of the kindle.

    Then, I figured out that the Duokan release I use was wrong (error un-raring the distribution using 7z, I used ‚unrar‘ instead and it works well). My Duokan works well even if the auto-rotating doesn’t work.

    Also, I figured out how to disable/enable wireless : there is apparently no way to do it under Duokan but the setting done in the original firmware is kept when rebooting under Duokan.


  326. duokan in my kindle dxg works perfectly, only looking technically. Categories are indexed by letters, which absolutely obstruct category view. Does anyone know, how to remove letter (number) indexing in all duokan? Also, duokan.com logo would be nice to get rid of that. Best system, but with such a bugs is absolutely useless.

  327. Could anybody post detailed instructions for dxg? I have gotten the „successful“ but I can’t get duokan to show up. I have tried pressing Q and W time and time again but nothing.

    Any help appreciated.

  328. Seems to work OK on Kindle 4.0.1.
    Took a while to decode the Chinese instructions :-) but got there in the end.

    A good attempt, not sure it’s quite really for prime time, but a good work in progress. The version for Kindle 4 needs modifying a bit, remove references to qwerty keyboard etc

  329. Can someone please explain, in English, how to install Duokan on a Kindle DX? I don’t get it. Half the instructions are in Chinese.

  330. I gave up. Instructions all in Chinese. Duokan file contains „desk images“ that turn out not to be. Viruses, perhaps? Is this whole thing a scam? What a waste of everyone’s time.

  331. 原来外国也有朋友在用多看系统啊~多看的知名度真是令人吃惊啊

  332. […] http://thekindlereport.blogspot.com/ http://flip.netzbeben.de/2010/11/duokan-available-with-english-gui-today/ Tags: Generation Kindle, Amazon Verified Purchases, Amazon Kindle, Amazon kindle reader, Pearl […]

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  337. Hi! I have a Kindle DX Graphite v.2.5.8 with jailbreak. I copied 3 DK_ directories and archive update_dk_09.bin to root . Tried to update, but it showed a message that could not update successfully. Restart pressing Q all the time but it dont change anything. Could you help me to make it right? thanks.

  338. It downloaded a rar file or something like that. Is this right and if so where do I go from here?

  339. @speed.

    Uninstalling Duokan with keyboard shortcuts.

    1. Press „menu“ „S“ (settings)
    2. „Page up“ until page 4 (three touches)
    3. Press „c“ (uninstall)
    4. Press „down“ until you highlight „uninstall“. (I saw it with the lower end of my screen which still worked)
    5. Press „ok“
    6. Press „right“ and „ok“
    7. The kindle restarts itself. The next time it starts Duokan is no longer installed

  340. […] http://flip.netzbeben.de/2010/11/duokan-available-with-english-gui-today/ ← LA TUA LIBRERIA e BOOKI.SH explore!Maigretmaggio 28, 2012, 8:27 amZahalmaggio 20, 2012, 11:41 amSugamo!maggio 19, 2012, 10:59 amB2memaggio 16, 2012, 1:07 amPeanutsaprile 19, 2012, 2:16 pmFacesmarzo 19, 2012, 12:09 pm […]

  341. Hi,

    DXG users, just restore to factory settings and disable 3G as a first step. Then it works!


  342. They released 【2012.08.17】 2012 R5.3 !!!!


    I seriously can’t believe that they program write most of the stuff in Chinese :)

  343. Hi,
    That’s an awesome project you did!
    There is an issue with the Cyrillic fonts – they are displayed awkwardly on it, with enormous gaps between the letters, making the reading of bulgarian or russian rather impossible. Is there a well known way to fix that?


  344. Hi Flip, I have a question for you regarding a site called http://kindleos.com/

    Is it possible to email you about this? I need advice as I feel that I have been misled by this company.

    Your help will be appreciated


  345. I have tried and tried and tried, but I cannot get Duokan to install on my DXG (2.5.8). I have tried the English and Chinese versions, and I have tried with and without jailbreak installed. Every time, I am told that the installation was not successful, and the code U007 shows in the bottom left corner of the update screen. I have followed the instructions to the letter, and still it doesn’t work.

    Can anyone help, please? This is driving me mad.

  346. I tried to install Duokan 8942 English onto my Kindle 3 3G version 3.4 but installation was unsuccessful. Any ideas?

  347. Hi guys.

    I got Duokan to work on my Kindle DX. It took some doing. But I do not see the menu option to use books from the kindle directory. I want to be able to switch back and forth but right now I can only use one or the other as the books are not available on both.

  348. […] النسخة الإنكليزية: Duokan – the alternative Kindle OS – in English […]

  349. […] النسخة الإنكليزية: Duokan – the alternative Kindle OS – in English […]

  350. Thank you so much for your posting this information. I have a Kindle DX and I am unable to find the original installation files, only the 2011 update which contains only the system folder update as far as I can tell. Do you have a link to the proper installation file for the Kindle DX?


  351. Please ignore my previous post. Apparently the other folders were not required as I have Duokan up and running on my DX. Thank you so much for providing this website!!

  352. Can I use the 3G network with Duokan?

  353. Alright I have already found the answer in MobileRead Wiki, that Duokan cannot use 3G.

  354. Hi,

    I have a K2i (B003…) and are having some issues. I have tried to install Duokan according to your instructions above using the Update_DK_k2i.bin in the root dir with the three folder indicated as well. I get the U007 error code and the message update unsuccesful. I have tried both with or without jailbreak resetting to factory defaults in between.

    All I want to do is to be able to get epub books from my local library and read them on the K2. If I am not succesful I probably will get a Kobo Aura instead. I so wanted to re-use my old K2 though :/



  355. Thank you for the helpful post, Flip. I did it on my Kindle 2 3G.
    I would greatly appreciate if you could address 2 concerns: 1. Is it possible to keep 3G off? (near battery theer is wireless sign inactive).
    2. Can’t play mp3 files in Duokan mode (created DK_Music folder, My_music)

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