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Duokan – the alternative Kindle OS – in english

Update 2012/02/10: Duokan has an official english site available under http://en.duokan.com/ by now. The current versions of Duokan only support Kindle 3 and 4 (and maybe Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire?).

This blog article deals with the older Duokan releases.

EPUB, CHM, DOC and djvu documents on your Kindle? It’s possible! The alternative OS for Kindle, Duokan, is now available with an english GUI supporting these document types. Duokan works with Kindle 2, 3 and DX and it will install besides the original OS, so you’re able to switch easily between it and the original Kindle OS.

Kindle3 Duokan Home

You may download version (2011/05/20) with preconfigured english language from my site or always the current version through the regarding chinese forum post at the Duokan website where you also could find the chinese installation instructions. For english installation and upgrade instructions see below. I don’t understand chinese so I’ve used the instructions translated by google. Also check this english thread at their forum.

Kindle3 Duokan displaying an EPUB

Kindle3 Duokan displaying a PDF normally

Kindle3 Duokan displaying a PDF with Smart Layout

With Duokan you’re not just able to read EPUBs. Another convenient feature is that Duokan is able to change the font size or crop the white border for PDFs. To crop the white border, open the PDF, press „Aa“ and select „Screen Zoom A“. To change the font size, open the PDF, press „Aa“ and select „Smart Layout“. After this you may press „Aa“ again and adjust the font size. While the crop feature leaves the original PDF design untouched, the smart layout feature tries to adjust the PDF, so the results may be dissatisfying. You should bear in mind that the current version is a beta version.

When I was playing with the WLAN feature which is not working for my WPA2 secured WLAN yet, Duokan had frozen up. Don’t panic if this happens to you. You’re able to reset your Kindle by pushing the power switch for 15 seconds.

For more discussion about Duokan check their forum or also this thread concerning Duokan at mobileread.com.

Installation instructions:

  1. Get  Duokan with preconfigured english language
  2. Connect your Kindle to your computer via USB
  3. Open the Duokan archive and copy the folders DK_System, DK_Documents and DK_Pictures to your Kindle root directory.
  4. Also copy all the .bin files from the corresponding subfolder in 升级包 (e.g. k3升级包 subfolder for Kindle 3) in the archive to the Kindle root.
  5. Disconnect USB
  6. Make sure that your Kindle is charged (at least 50%)
  7. On your Kindle, press „Home“, then „Menu“, then select „Settings“ and then press „Menu“ again. Choose „Update Your Kindle“
  8. Kindle restarts and after restarting be quick and press Q for Duokan (W is for the original Kindle OS). If you’re not fast enough, go to Home, then Menu, then select „Settings“ and then press Menu again. Choose „Restart“ and be quicker pressing Q next time. In some cases you will get back to the original Kindle OS after updating. If this happens to you, choose „Restart“ in the settings menu.
  9. That’s it! In the settings you now might want to add your ebooks of your original installation to Duokan. To do this, simply go to „Home“ in Duokan, press „Menu“, select „Settings“, find „Other->Use Kindle Lists“ and select „Yes“. Additionally you may copy some ebooks to your DK_Documents folder to use them only in Duokan.

Upgrade instructions:

  1. Switch your Kindle to the original Kindle OS if it has been switched to Duokan before. To do this in Duokan, press Menu, select „Settings“ and then select „Switch to Kindle“.
  2. Then follow the installation instructions above, with a minor difference: there’s no need to copy the empty DK_Documents and DK_Pictures folders again. You could also delete the old DK_System folder first, maybe some files are not needed any longer. And again, don’t forget the bin files.

To uninstall, start Duokan, open the settings and select „Uninstall System“.

Archive of Duokan releases

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355 Responses to “Duokan – the alternative Kindle OS – in english”

  1. how to install duokan in kindle firmware 3.2.1 anyone? im starting to get stressed out of the installatian error.

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  3. hi

    cant seem to install the latest version of duokan. my kindle is v3.3. it’s always gets an error msg when updating? can anyone help?

  4. hi

    for those who are having problem with your kindle 3.3, all you have to do is to dl the original duokan from the web http://www.vdisk.cn/down/index/8837505A5796

    after which copy all the bin files from kindle3.2.1升级包 to your kindle’s root directory under the extracted folder kindle 升级包

    hopes this help.

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  6. If you installed it the way instructed all you have to do to get into duokan is reboot and hold on the keyboard the top left key. on kindle 2 its 1(one) on kindle 3 is q. keep pressing it as it is starting up till you see the duokan pop up.

  7. I am using dxg with korean font hack.
    I uninstalled jail break and font hack, and set to factory default to install duokan.
    But every time I tried to install duokan, update was not successful.
    I changed ini file language setting. still I can’t update with duokan install file.
    Now I am giving up installing duokan.
    Others are installing fine, but I am not.
    I wanted to use duokan.
    but I can’t.

  8. I have Kindle version 3.3
    After copying the 3 DK folders and bin file to kindle root, upgrading and restarting, there is still no Q or W menu.

  9. […] b)Duokan: Another awesome tool. My discovery of this tool was accidental and very welcome as I have a lot of pdf files. This is another OS that you can install (alongside the original Kindle OS) by updating from the kindle. The instructions to which are provided in the link (btw this is the only place that i found some instructions that I understand). Verdict: Simply Superb! Why? Read on! […]

  10. Will this work for kindle touch,

    and any specialty should I expect considering reading Arabic texts?


  11. Hello,

    Is there a version of Duokan OS for Kindle Touch?

  12. Hello,

    Thanks, great stuff! I’m using it on my DXg and works like a charm!

    Just one question, where is the TTS? I would like to use it on my pdf’s and djvu’s but can’t seem to find it

  13. Good evening from Spain. A couple of questions that I hope somene will be able to answer…
    I copied the files, connected my Kindle DX to the charger and turned it off (with the screensaver on the screen) waiting it to charge and then install Duokan, When I came back Duokan was already installed, and everytime I reboot the default OS is Duokan, not Kindle. Why has it installed by itself? And how do I change the default OS?
    Tnank you in advance and GREAT TUTO

  14. Ok, I answer myself. It seems the solution is Set DK System to Off in Settings.
    I have yet no idea why it autoinstalled…

  15. Hi, everybody!
    I have some questions:
    can the new DK display traditional chinese characters?
    Will it work on the new tactile screen Kindle?

    Anybody know where I can get complete russian english, russian-russian, chinese-english dictionaries working under DK or Kindle?
    Lots of thanks

  16. Hello – I have a new Kindle, but it has no keyboard. I wanted to install Duokan, but there is no Q or W options. Will it be possible to bring out a script to cope with this?


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  18. I have a Kindle Keyboard Ver 3.3 y try to install Doukan as follows:
    1-Download Duokan_0_5_13_8942__2011_05_20_english
    2-Extract all files and copy DK_Documents, Dk_Pictures and Dk_System in the Root of my Kindle.
    3-Copy from directory 升级包 and subdirectory k3升级包update_duokan_0b008.bin file in the Root of my Kindle.
    4-go to Menú / Settings / Menú / Update Your Kindle
    and when try to update show
    „unsuccessful update“ and in the left bottom corner u004

    I repeat this process a lot times but the error is the same.
    I need Duokan because my books are .PDF and Kindle system is very difficult to read.
    Could you help me?

  19. link address from above


    Seem to download chinese version only.

    Older versions will not install under Amazon Kindle 3.3(611680021). Kindle3 lite version does not read .mobi’s.

  20. Have seen a number of comments on mobileread and elsewhere asking the question how to switch interface back to English…this varies from version to version and model to model. But, it would be great if someone could post a screenshot on this site, so we could see the chinese characters to look for to switch different versions to English…Thanks.

  21. I recently bought a Kindle Touch. I follow your instructions above and the option “Update Your Kindle” is grayed out (i.e. inactive) on my Kindle
    Any idea why’s that?


  22. Hi Kindle User,

    I’ve bought the latest version 4 from Kindle from amazone. works fine so far – but does some has tried duokan here ?

  23. @manggo Just restart your kindle, you can do this from the kindle properties menu

  24. Hi, I tried Duakan Duokan_0_5_13_8942__2011_05_20_english against a DXG version 2.5.8. I got the „Update was not successeful“ message and then the kindle restarted by itself.
    However, it freeze during restart at 20% and I cannot reset it anymore (even holding power button 20 secs or more has no effect).

    Does someone know how to fix that ? thanks.

  25. All right, I managed to unfreeze my DXG by resetting firmware to factory defaults. The undocumented procedure is : Hold on button during 30 secs then press Home. It drops any content of the kindle.

    Then, I figured out that the Duokan release I use was wrong (error un-raring the distribution using 7z, I used ‚unrar‘ instead and it works well). My Duokan works well even if the auto-rotating doesn’t work.

    Also, I figured out how to disable/enable wireless : there is apparently no way to do it under Duokan but the setting done in the original firmware is kept when rebooting under Duokan.


  26. duokan in my kindle dxg works perfectly, only looking technically. Categories are indexed by letters, which absolutely obstruct category view. Does anyone know, how to remove letter (number) indexing in all duokan? Also, duokan.com logo would be nice to get rid of that. Best system, but with such a bugs is absolutely useless.

  27. Could anybody post detailed instructions for dxg? I have gotten the „successful“ but I can’t get duokan to show up. I have tried pressing Q and W time and time again but nothing.

    Any help appreciated.

  28. Seems to work OK on Kindle 4.0.1.
    Took a while to decode the Chinese instructions 🙂 but got there in the end.

    A good attempt, not sure it’s quite really for prime time, but a good work in progress. The version for Kindle 4 needs modifying a bit, remove references to qwerty keyboard etc

  29. Can someone please explain, in English, how to install Duokan on a Kindle DX? I don’t get it. Half the instructions are in Chinese.

  30. I gave up. Instructions all in Chinese. Duokan file contains „desk images“ that turn out not to be. Viruses, perhaps? Is this whole thing a scam? What a waste of everyone’s time.

  31. 原来外国也有朋友在用多看系统啊~多看的知名度真是令人吃惊啊

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  37. Hi! I have a Kindle DX Graphite v.2.5.8 with jailbreak. I copied 3 DK_ directories and archive update_dk_09.bin to root . Tried to update, but it showed a message that could not update successfully. Restart pressing Q all the time but it dont change anything. Could you help me to make it right? thanks.

  38. It downloaded a rar file or something like that. Is this right and if so where do I go from here?

  39. @speed.

    Uninstalling Duokan with keyboard shortcuts.

    1. Press „menu“ „S“ (settings)
    2. „Page up“ until page 4 (three touches)
    3. Press „c“ (uninstall)
    4. Press „down“ until you highlight „uninstall“. (I saw it with the lower end of my screen which still worked)
    5. Press „ok“
    6. Press „right“ and „ok“
    7. The kindle restarts itself. The next time it starts Duokan is no longer installed

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  41. Hi,

    DXG users, just restore to factory settings and disable 3G as a first step. Then it works!


  42. They released 【2012.08.17】 2012 R5.3 !!!!


    I seriously can’t believe that they program write most of the stuff in Chinese 🙂

  43. Hi,
    That’s an awesome project you did!
    There is an issue with the Cyrillic fonts – they are displayed awkwardly on it, with enormous gaps between the letters, making the reading of bulgarian or russian rather impossible. Is there a well known way to fix that?


  44. Hi Flip, I have a question for you regarding a site called http://kindleos.com/

    Is it possible to email you about this? I need advice as I feel that I have been misled by this company.

    Your help will be appreciated


  45. I have tried and tried and tried, but I cannot get Duokan to install on my DXG (2.5.8). I have tried the English and Chinese versions, and I have tried with and without jailbreak installed. Every time, I am told that the installation was not successful, and the code U007 shows in the bottom left corner of the update screen. I have followed the instructions to the letter, and still it doesn’t work.

    Can anyone help, please? This is driving me mad.

  46. I tried to install Duokan 8942 English onto my Kindle 3 3G version 3.4 but installation was unsuccessful. Any ideas?

  47. Hi guys.

    I got Duokan to work on my Kindle DX. It took some doing. But I do not see the menu option to use books from the kindle directory. I want to be able to switch back and forth but right now I can only use one or the other as the books are not available on both.

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  50. Thank you so much for your posting this information. I have a Kindle DX and I am unable to find the original installation files, only the 2011 update which contains only the system folder update as far as I can tell. Do you have a link to the proper installation file for the Kindle DX?


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